Ave Atque Vale

27 November 2004 |permalink | email article

It does not surprise those of us who knew him and his work in Los Angeles that Tom Brokaw would vault to the NBC News summit and earn the sobriquet as “America’s most trusted news anchor.” “Eyewitness to History,”… read full story

Trust but Verify

26 November 2004 |permalink | email article

It’s fascinating to observe George W. Bush suddenly insisting Iran must verify with the world its compliance with a nuclear arms pact. Bush, in his rush to a first strike war in Iraq, ignored Ronald Reagan’s famous “trust but… read full story

Bushworld and the Christian Jihad

26 November 2004 |permalink | email article

How long will it be before freedom of speech and thought and the reality of war, injustice and evil may no longer be acceptable in the fusion of Bushworld and the Christian jihad?

Frank Rich’s November 20th column on… read full story

The Body Politic:  The Mission Statement

20 November 2004 |permalink | email article

Mission Statement

Aristotle's Politics (Book 1, Chapter 1) is clear that "man is a political animal in a greater measure than any bee or any gregarious animal. For nature does nothing without purpose, and man alone of the… read full story

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