LAX Millennium Bomb Plot:  Why Pre-9/11 Still Matters

29 December 2004 |permalink | email article

With 2005 federal antiterrorism grants now public, the insular Bush White House needs a reminder that almost two years before the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Los Angeles was targeted for the first major assault by the Al Qaida network on… read full story

2004 Network News:  What Did We Watch?

27 December 2004 |permalink | email article

The New York Times’s Week in Review (Dec. 26), recalling a year in numbers as it ends, cites the leading topics covered by the three television networks where more Americans get their news. The 10 top subjects, ranked by… read full story

2004 Wedge Issue:  Same-Sex Marriage

25 December 2004 |permalink | email article

In winning the New Hampshire primary in January, Sen. John Kerry iced the Democratic nomination. But only 16 days later, the seeds for his Nov. 2 defeat were sown. Freshman San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom moved the issue of… read full story

Animal Crackers

23 December 2004 |permalink | email article

  • California Gov. Arnold Schwarzennegger told Germany’s daily Sueddeutsche Zeitung that the Republican Party should move a “little to the left” to attract new voters. The little noticed comment, chilling to the GOP right, recalls another unorthodox former California… read full story

Amid Holiday Cheer: Ethical Questions About Torture

20 December 2004 |permalink | email article

‘Tis the season to be jolly. TIME crowns George Bush as Person of the Year 2004. Giddy Republicans gulp egg nog. Dazed Democrats sense deep public concern about W’s domestic social agenda. Evangelical Christians, dismissing the Rev. Jim Wallis’s read full story

L.A. Politic: A Federal Santa Visits the Pueblo

19 December 2004 |permalink | email article

Tom Ridge, the lame duck homeland security secretary, put on a dog-and-pony show in Hollywood last week. Mayor Jim Hahn, up for  reelection in March, showed up for a photo op. Hahn’s problem was the $282 million check was… read full story

It Depends on the Meaning of “If”

19 December 2004 |permalink | email article

Treasury Secretary John W. Snow, in a Washington Post interview about President Bush’s proposal to revamp Social Security, an iffy idea  certain to generate 2005’s biggest domestic debate among future retirees: “If we have a real fix for Social… read full story

Trust but Verify:  How Bush Departed From F.B.I. Background Check Procedures on Kerik

17 December 2004 |permalink | email article

The timing of Bernard B. Kerik’s nomination by President Bush for homeland security secretary is revealing.  It departed from the background security check procedures followed by the administrations of Ronald Reagan, his father, George H.W. Bush, and Bill Clinton.… read full story

Holiday Question Time

15 December 2004 |permalink | email article

Why did the President of the United States award the Medal of Freedom to former CIA director George Tenet who gave him badly flawed  information on the decision to invade Iraq?

Why did Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld reply to… read full story

STRATEGIES: Bush vs. the Faceless Party Opposite

12 December 2004 |permalink | email article

I find the disparity in focus between the two major parties stunning as a divided U.S. enters the holiday season. The White House, with disciplined senior policy quarterback Karl Rove calling the plays, has moved deftly to consolidate its… read full story

Truman and the Launch of the C.I.A. (Part 2)

10 December 2004 |permalink | email article

Harry Truman, speaking to C.I.A. employees in 1952, (Michael Warner’s article TBP 12.8), reminisced about the state of U.S. intelligence when he first took office: no concentration of information for the President; each department and each organization had its… read full story

How Harry Truman Launched the C.I.A.

08 December 2004 |permalink | email article

President Bush’s signature on a bill to overhaul the U.S. intelligence community will set in motion the most important restructuring of the nation’s gathering and sharing of intelligence since the creation of the C.I.A. But the spy realignment recalls… read full story

Point and Counterpoint

05 December 2004 |permalink | email article

Tommy G. Thompson, the U.S. health chief, announcing his resignation after trying to do so a year ago but agreeing to stay on at the White House’s request: “I cannot understand why the terrorists have not attacked our food… read full story

Bush, Putin and Catch-22

02 December 2004 |permalink | email article

The disputed Ukrainian election crisis simmers. It’s a major foreign policy quandry for President Bush. Will he opt to spend some of the “political capital” he boasted about in winning reelection to foster self-determination for a democratic Ukraine independent… read full story

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