State Of The Union Preview

30 January 2005 |permalink | email article

President Bush delivers his State of the Union Address on Wednesday. He will say the nation is still at war, thank Congress for the financial support to wage it, declare the Iraq election a success, and reprise his freedom… read full story

Democrats ‘08:  A Winning Strategy?

28 January 2005 |permalink | email article

The good news for Democrats is that in 2008, for the first time since before Dwight D. Eisehower entered the presidential race in 1952, neither party has an obvious heir to the White House. The bad news is that… read full story

Death Penalty Errors Raise New Questions

27 January 2005 |permalink | email article

Helen Prejean’s new book focuses on death penalty errors. . . Gonzales’s Texas counsel to W raises new questions.

Sister Helen Prejean became the nation’s leading advocate against the death penalty with her 1993 national bestseller, “Dead Man Walking”… read full story

Bush’s Must Read Book For Acolytes

26 January 2005 |permalink | email article

Less than a day after his inaugural address, the word began to leak that president has found a symbiotic author who shares his own idealistic world views on promoting freedom and liberty. Some news sources indicated that a main… read full story

Full Senate To Debate Legal/Moral Use of Torture

24 January 2005 |permalink | email article

The confirmation of Condoleezza Rice and Alberto R. Gonzales as secretary of state and attorney general, respectively, are considered inevitable. That mindful Senate Democrats on the foreign relations and judiciary committees asked enough tough moral and political questions to… read full story

The New New Mantra: Redefining Terror As Tyranny?

24 January 2005 |permalink | email article

Bush officials, following the president’s rousing inaugural address promoting God, freedom and liberty, deny a significant shift in U.S. foreign policy. But skepticism in the U.S. and abroad is rampant. The lack of specifics or mention of either terrorism… read full story

A Republican New Deal?

23 January 2005 |permalink | email article

Week in Review, in today’s New York Times, has a provocative page one piece by John Tierney: “Can Anyone Unseat F.D.R.?”

To some Republicans, the start of this new presidential term is their moment, their chance to… read full story

A Time Comes

21 January 2005 |permalink | email article

Sojourners magazine has an excellent online edition, Sojomail, “a weekly email-zine of spirituality, politics, and culture.”  The weekly begins with a powerful and relevant quote. This week it came from Martin Luther King, Jr.

A time comes… read full story

Bush 02: God, Lincoln and Freedom

21 January 2005 |permalink | email article

As oratory, President Bush’s second inaugural address stopped just short of suggesting that God is a Republican. But midway through his sober remarks, a quintessential message emerged. “The rulers of outlaw regimes can know that we still believe as… read full story

Fantasy is Reality in D.C.

20 January 2005 |permalink | email article

Richard Cohen’s “Fool’s Gold” in the Washington Post, 20/01/05, is a must read. He succinctly and fluently translates the absurdity of both W’s “mandate” and his accomplishments since taking office.

The disjunction between… read full story

Wartime Inaugurals: Stark Contrasts Between W and FDR

17 January 2005 |permalink | email article

President Bush’s inauguration planners struggle to blunt criticism and set the right tone for this week’s $40 million, four day celebration - the most expensive in history.

President Bush’s inauguration planners struggle to blunt criticism and set the right… read full story

Attack on Iran?

17 January 2005 |permalink | email article

CNN article about journalist Seymour Hersh on a possible US attack on Iran:

The Bush administration has been carrying out secret reconnaissance missions to learn about nuclear, chemical and missile sites in Iran in preparation for… read full story

“Family” Values, Baseball’s New Drug Policy and Politics

15 January 2005 |permalink | email article

In baseball, while the stirring “take me out to the ball game” lyric has been a must “family” value since 1876, player use of steroids and stimulants has distorted the game for decades. Commissioner Bud Selig’s announcement about a… read full story

The Iraqi Election: Can’t We All Get Along?

14 January 2005 |permalink | email article

Less than three weeks before the vote, the situation becomes increasingly unstable. Prime Minister Allawi admits “pockets” of the nation will be too dangerous for voters to cast ballots. Gen. Muhammad Shahwani, chief of Iraq’s intelligence services, says that… read full story

The Vetting Process:  A “Now” Phrase

14 January 2005 |permalink | email article

  • The embarrassing failure of White House legal counsel Alberto Gonzales to successfully vet ex-NYC Police Commissioner Bernard B. Kerik, Bush’s buddy, as his nominee for homeland security secretary, festers. Gonzales, who skipped FBI vetting protocols, could have nailed Kerik on… read full story

Map Color 2004: Predictable Metaphor or Tired Cliche?

10 January 2005 |permalink | email article

One 2005 blog wish is that the establishment media overcome a tendency to report almost every post-election story of national significance with some reference to partisan color maps. I mean, the repetitious fallout of the “Red State vs. Blue… read full story

Rehnquist’s Defense of the Federal Judiciary

08 January 2005 |permalink | email article

Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist, 80, celebrated his 33nd anniversary on the court on Friday. Battling thyroid cancer, he has been invited by the President to administer the oath of office on Jan. 20. While it remains uncertain whether… read full story

Animal Crackers

06 January 2005 |permalink | email article

  • New C.I.A. Chief Porter J. Goss floods more top GOP aides into senior agency positions, including Jennifer Millerwise, the agency’s new chief spokeswoman. She did media for Goss (R-Florida) and, more recently, flacked for Vice President Dick Cheney.… read full story

A Passion for Justice Remembered

04 January 2005 |permalink | email article

Rep. Robert Matsui (Sacramento), 63, died last Saturday in Washington. He was a man for all seasons, a man I knew and respected. Sen. Dianne Feinstein described him as “one of the greatest in public service in California.” But… read full story

W and America’s Newest Odd Couple

04 January 2005 |permalink | email article

In the wake of his tardy public response to the tsunami disaster in southern Asia, President Bush showed Rove-like adroitness in forging an odd-couple partnership between former presidents George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton. Foes in Campaign ‘92,… read full story

Alberto Gonzales’s Confirmation Problem:  Parsing the Legal Definition of Torture

02 January 2005 |permalink | email article

Republicans juice over W’s upcoming inaugural. But 2005 begins badly with a “moral values” question over the issue of torture.

Stealth-like, the Justice Department late Dec. 30, with no public announcement, published a revised and expanded definition of… read full story

Asian Tsunami: New Test for Bush in a Hostile Muslim World

02 January 2005 |permalink | email article

In his Christmas Day broadcast, President Bush urged Americans to help the neediest among them. “By volunteering our time and talent where they are most needed, we help heal the sick, comfort those who suffer and bring hope to… read full story

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