L. A. Politic: Dangerous Name Games

30 March 2005 |permalink | email article

Integrity is again the key issue in the runoff campaign between James Hahn and Antonio Villaraigosa, just as it was in 2001. That year, the underdog mayor came from behind to beat the former Assembly Speaker on the strength… read full story

Question Time

28 March 2005 |permalink | email article

1. When is President Bush going to level about our bizarre relationship with Pakistan? President Pervez Musharraf, who seized power in a bloodless coup and joined the war on terror, has failed to make good in the capture of… read full story

Exploiting The Terri Schiavo Case

24 March 2005 |permalink | email article

It is impossible to overstate the emotionally charged moral, legal, political and privacy issues in this human tragedy as the life of the 15-year brain damaged Florida woman hangs in the balance.

Let’s start with W.‘s comment after signing… read full story

About Life And Death

21 March 2005 |permalink | email article

The extraordinary confluence of explosive issues which accelerated yesterday, the first day of spring - Palm Sunday in the Christian faith - will intensify leading up to, and beyond, Easter. Without precedent in American history, these issues involve emotionally… read full story

W43: Still Clueless In Fantasyland

17 March 2005 |permalink | email article

Well, it’s hard to know where to begin in describing the president’s fantasy state of mind these days - a mixture of stubbornness, ignorance and optimism. Read the transcript of his news conference and shake your head. Paul Wolfowitz read full story

Steroids, Congress, Baseball - And Arnold

13 March 2005 |permalink | email article

The House Government Reform Committee is scheduled to hold a hearing on steroid use in baseball on Thursday. [See BP/1.16.05] The committee has subpoenaed 11 baseball executives and current and former players - including MLB Commissioner Bud Selig, Mark… read full story

L.A. Mayor’s Race: Deja Vu All Over Again

10 March 2005 |permalink | email article

The conventional wisdom was that two former Democratic Assembly Speakers, Antonio Villaraigosa and Bob Hertzberg, would be the finalists in a runoff election. But it didn’t work out that way in what turned out to be a photo finish… read full story

L.A. Politic: Photo Finish, Runoff Loom

07 March 2005 |permalink | email article

Voters in heavily Democratic Los Angeles go to the polls tomorrow. Veteran observers see the mayoral race as the most interesting campaign since 1973 when Tom Bradley defeated incumbent Sam Yorty in a divisive runoff. Three of the candidates… read full story

Social Security Initiative: Listing Hard To Starboard

04 March 2005 |permalink | email article

Polls show President Bush’s campaign to overhaul Social Security is almost DOA. Why am I not surprised? The latest New York Timessurvey, reflective of many, indicates respondents put jobs (32%) and health care (29%) far ahead of… read full story

On Values And An Abortion Compromise

01 March 2005 |permalink | email article

Democratic National Chairman Howard Dean said (BP/2.14) the party must find a more effective way to address the abortion issue. He agreed with the moderating view of Sen. Hillary Clinton that abortion should be rare but legal. In a… read full story

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