What About Medicare?

29 April 2005 |permalink | email article

President Bush‘s prime-time news conference in the East Room last night, only the fourth in his tenure, did little to unsettle a consensus that he’s off to a very shaky start in the first 99 days of his second… read full story

Benedict XVI And The Sexual Abuse Scandal

24 April 2005 |permalink | email article

The new pope sat on a gilded throne in Vatican City Saturday and addressed 2,000 reporters for the first time. He read a statement of thanks for less than 20 minutes in Italian, German, French and English—but not Spanish,… read full story

L.A. Politic

22 April 2005 |permalink | email article

With apologies to Lewis Carroll and the twinlike characters he created in 1869, the May 17 showdown between incumbent Mayor Jim Hahn and challenger Antonio Villaraigosa has become a yawner between Tweedledum and Tweedledee.

Sad to say, as the… read full story

Benedict XVI: Troubling Challenges Ahead

20 April 2005 |permalink | email article

Joseph Ratzinger is the 265th pope, ultraconservative, hard-line theologian, and the first German to become bishop of Rome in a thousand years. He is the charismatic opposite of the late John Paul II, who never restrained his longtime friend’s… read full story

Culture Wars: Filibuster Rules Showdown

18 April 2005 |permalink | email article

The Senate appears headed for an imminent confrontation over the rules governing judicial confirmations. The high-stakes showdown has been described by The Wall Street Journal’s Jeanne Cummings as “the nuclear option,” a Republican gambit led by Senator Bill Frist,… read full story

The Next Pope: Urgent Challenges

15 April 2005 |permalink | email article

Amid prayers for divine guidance, balloting by 115 cardinals to elect the Roman Catholic Church’s 265th pope begins Monday in Vatican City. The red hats will have much to ponder: the next pope will face urgent challenges not dealt… read full story

Arnold: Political Comet Or Meteor?

11 April 2005 |permalink | email article

California historian Kevin Starr, an unabashed admirer of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, has famously said that Gold’s Gym in Venice, where his film “Pumping Iron” was shot in 1976, was “Arnold’s Harvard and Yale.” The GOP governor, elected in 2003’s… read full story

Expanded Search Warrants: Abuse Of Power?

06 April 2005 |permalink | email article

The Justice Department wants every temporary provision of the post-9/11 anti-terrorism USA Patriot Act renewed. Some provisions of the law will expire in December unless renewed by Congress. The request seems reasonable on the surface.

Then a chilling thing… read full story

After John Paul II: Quo Vadis?

03 April 2005 |permalink | email article

John Paul II‘s legacy, judging from the media tsunami in his wake, is unprecedented. Where the 265th head of the Roman Catholic Church takes it occupies the thoughts of its over 1 billion members. They have serious questions about… read full story

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