Incredible Shrinking Man

29 August 2005 |permalink | email article

The short happy political life of Arnold Schwarzenegger is now less happy.

When the gubernatorial candidate visited the California State Fair during the 2003 recall campaign, the action star was mobbed by fans, autograph seekers and reporters. This summer,… read full story

The Unseen War

24 August 2005 |permalink | email article

On Monday, President Bush hailed the sacrifice of troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and vowed, in his first reference to the number of American deaths, that the nation owed it to the more than 2,000 Americans killed so far… read full story

NFL and L.A. Politics: III

21 August 2005 |permalink | email article

The National Football League has now confirmed that a long-sought agreement to bring professional football back to Southern California before the end of the decade is close to reality.

Plans call for NFL owners to decide at meetings Oct.… read full story

America Asleep: Pre-9/11 Intel

19 August 2005 |permalink | email article

This is a developing story about U.S. intelligence failures, and why persistent warnings about terrorist attacks on the nation were not more effectively blunted by two commanders-in-chief.

Explosive revelations, both old and new, suggest that the 9/11 attacks could… read full story

Seven More Days: Summer of Discontent

15 August 2005 |permalink | email article

The significance of a pitched tent by an antiwar California mother of a dead soldier near W.‘s Texas ranch - political theater aside - is that it symbolizes a genuine angst in the country about the mess in Iraq.

read full story

Public Transit and L.A. Politics

14 August 2005 |permalink | email article

Los Angeles once had a vast rail system, the nation’s largest. In the peak years in the ‘20s and early ‘30s, the Pacific Electric’s interurban network fanning out from the downtown hub carried millions of passengers and encompassed 1,000… read full story

Christian Conservatives and the Supreme Court

11 August 2005 |permalink | email article

Justice Sunday II, a telecast this Sunday named after a similar telecast in April, is another major effort to energize churchgoers and Christian broadcasters and serve notice on Democrats by denouncing the Supreme Court as hostile to religion and… read full story

Arnold: Pressures and Uncertainties

10 August 2005 |permalink | email article

Embattled Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, down in the polls and defiantly pushing his unpopular special election in November, is being pressured by financial backers to make a political statement soon that he will seek re-election next year.

Business leaders supporting… read full story

NFL Politics: L.A. Decision Nears

08 August 2005 |permalink | email article

The National Football League, nearing a decision on bringing professional football back to the Los Angeles area, has taken a major step in that direction by planning a nationally televised concert outside the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum on Sept.… read full story

What Ohio’s CD 2 May Portend

05 August 2005 |permalink | email article

“As Maine goes, so goes the country,” was a political cliche in the early third of the last century. The political state of the moment is Ohio, where the cliffhanger outcome of the 2004 presidential election was decided when… read full story

What Bolton Says About Bush

01 August 2005 |permalink | email article

What does the long anticipated recess appointment of John R. Bolton to be ambassador to the United Nations say about President Bush?

First, he has the embarrassing distinction of becoming the first president to send an ambassador to the… read full story

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