Lightening October Surprise

30 September 2006 |permalink | email article

Bob Woodward’s co-written “All the President’s Men” blew open the Watergate scandal in the Nixon White House, destroying a presidency. His instant new best seller,“State of Denial,” unmasks a dissembling Bush White House and exposes the near religious certitude… read full story

Terror Talk Over Dinner

26 September 2006 |permalink | email article

Three presidents - Bush, Musharraf and Karzaidiscuss Iraq, Osama bin Laden and the war on terror over dinner at the White House. It’s too bad C-SPAN won’t have a camera in the room to memorialize a moment… read full story

Bill Clinton on terror

25 September 2006 |permalink | email article

The 42nd president, in a searing interview with Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday,” did for Democrats what his party has so far proved ineffective in doing to counter Republican arguments about Osama bin Laden and winning the war… read full story

LAT: Twisting in Chicago Wind

23 September 2006 |permalink | email article

After spending mere minutes to discuss a major budget-cutting controversy involving the Los Angeles Times, the Tribune Company board voted Friday after five hours to establish a committee of independent directors to explore alternatives “to create additional value for… read full story

L.A Times: A Defining Moment

20 September 2006 |permalink | email article

A Tribune Co. board meeting today in Chicago could decide the editorial fate of the Los Angeles Times, one of the nation’s major papers. NPR’s David Folkenflick asked the right question: can top-flight newspapers owned by publicly traded companies… read full story

Phil’s victory strategy

19 September 2006 |permalink | email article

The New York Times reported W. has emerged as the marquee name in dozens of this fall’s congressional elections – ironically as a prop for Democratic, not Republican, candidates. 

A review of dozens of television campaign commercials in… read full story

Interrogation Rules: W., GOP Rebels

18 September 2006 |permalink | email article

A combative and impassioned W. defended his proposed rules for the interrogation and prosecution of terrorist suspects at a Rose Garden news conference last week, threatening that if Congress does not approve his bill the CIA program of interrogations… read full story

Death in Florence

17 September 2006 |permalink | email article

The iconic Italian journalist Oriana Fallaci, 77, who fearlessly confronted power and the powerful, died of cancer Friday in her home city of Florence.

She interviewed some of the most famous figures of the 20th Century including Deng Xiaoping, read full story

Truth about reporting Iraq

16 September 2006 |permalink | email article

Any doubt about whether Iraq is already involved in a civil war was dispelled in blunt comments by New York Times reporter Dexter Filkins in a speech to the Committee to Protect Journalists this week in Manhattan, Editor&Publisher (via… read full story

Homeland Security Shortfall

14 September 2006 |permalink | email article

Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, testifying before a Senate committee the day after W. escalated the partisan debate on fighting the war on terror, had bad news for Congress and the American people.

Chertoff’s basic message: the government… read full story

Dick Cheney Has Amnesia

11 September 2006 |permalink | email article

The vice president, who lurks in the shadows behind the White House throne, was combative and defiant Sunday on the eve of the fifth anniversary of 9/11. He defended the wars in Afghanistan, where the real focus was and… read full story

Arnold and Women

09 September 2006 |permalink | email article

There are two starkly different assessments about Schwarzenegger and his attitudes toward women.

First is how the politically hybrid governor has managed to outflank Phil Angelides, his Democratic rival, by using liberal First Lady Maria Shriver as a foil… read full story

9/11: Keeping Fear Alive

04 September 2006 |permalink | email article

President Bush and his chief surrogates, with Karl Rove’s playbook which worked in the 2002 and 2004 elections, have launched their third major public-relations campaign within a year to frame the stakes in Iraq, using the fifth anniversary of… read full story

‘Pumping Iron’ 2004

04 September 2006 |permalink | email article

A Democratic attack ad has seized on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s very emphatic, and filmed. public endorsement of George W. Bush in Columbus, Ohio late in the 2004 campaign. It implies that he is much closer to the unpopular president than… read full story

Labor Day and Arnold Rebound

04 September 2006 |permalink | email article

How to characterize Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger today? San Francisco Democratic Mayor Gavin Newsom aptly described him to the Chronicle editorial board last week as “a chameleon…someone who’s completely different when he’s running for election than when he has to… read full story

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