Hunter for president?

31 October 2006 |permalink | email article

Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-El Cajon), the controversial conservative chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, unexpectedly told a San Diego waterfront news conference yesterday that he will run for president in 2008.

With an aircraft carrier as backdrop the… read full story

MySpace poll

29 October 2006 |permalink | email article

Forget the 68 election polls Karl Rove claims to read each day, or that he alone knows Republicans will retain control of the House and Senate on Nov.7.

Turns out some politicians and their supporters, perhaps unintentionally, have subjected… read full story

Read ‘em and weep

27 October 2006 |permalink | email article

President Bush assuring the body politic that he is inflexible in his willingness to be flexible on the Iraq war: “Our goals are unchanging. We are flexible in our methods of achieving those goals.” 

Former President Clinton: “’Stop… read full story

Domino theory?

26 October 2006 |permalink | email article

Long off the political radar, Mario Cuomo offered an interesting perspective on W.’s news conference yesterday where the president repeatedly used the word “benchmarks” to define progress in Iraq.

“I think the war is virtually over,” the former New… read full story

Obama rallies for Angelides

24 October 2006 |permalink | email article

If timing is everything in politics then underdog gubernatorial candidate Phil Angelides will get a huge boost when Senator Barak Obama, suddenly the hottest name in national Democratic politics, headlines a major Friday afternoon rally for him at USC. read full story

Why Arnold’s winning

23 October 2006 |permalink | email article

Is ‘sorry’ the new definition of political reinvention?

The Sacramento Bee has called Arnold Schwarzenegger California’s “apologizer-in-chief.” But the unusual political tactic, which he practiced even before taking office, is paying off. With a welcome, if questionable, assist from… read full story

GOP on the brink

19 October 2006 |permalink | email article

Karl Rove spins that the Republicans will hold the House and the Senate on Nov. 7. He receives 68 polls a week for Senate, House and governor races. But even W.’s brain knows politically Morning in America is becoming… read full story

08: California Campaign Cash

16 October 2006 |permalink | email article

More than two years before the 2008 presidential contest, the Golden State once again looms as the nation’s most generous contributor to putative candidates for their party’s nominations. The Sacramento Bee cited 2005-06 Federal Election Commission and the Center… read full story

Politics, Press, Moving On

15 October 2006 |permalink | email article

In his Oct. 13 column PBS Ombudsman Michael Getler addressed a subject which lacks even cursory discussion just 23 days before the mid-term elections: why are so many Americans upset and angry with politicians and the press?

“(People) often… read full story

Jon Stewart Observes

12 October 2006 |permalink | email article

In his MarketWatch column John Friedman wrote this week that beyond the quips, John Stewart, host of “The Daily Show,” has “an uncommonly sophisticated understanding of journalism.”

He cited an appearance at the New Yorker Festival on Sunday when… read full story

Phil’s Bio Ad

10 October 2006 |permalink | email article

Two days after his disappointing performance in a debate with Arnold Schwarzenegger, challenger Phil Angelides told reporters that he’s behind in the polls because “voters do not know me.”

It’s quite an amazing comment this late in an election… read full story

Michael Kinsley Opines

09 October 2006 |permalink | email article

The former editorial page editor of the L.A. Times, ever the maverick and dismissed a little over a year ago, used the newspaper’s Sunday opinion section to sound off about his experience there, settle a score and offer… read full story

Lousy Format, Lousy Debate

08 October 2006 |permalink | email article

Saturday’s so-called statewide gubernatorial television clash between Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Treasurer Phil Angelides at Sacramento State University seemed more like a pre-Halloween masquerade than a real debate - more treats, few tricks. A badly structured, sitting format never… read full story

LAT future grim

06 October 2006 |permalink | email article

Los Angeles Times reporters suspected something was up Monday when Tribune Co. CEO Dennis FitzSimons sent them a chummy “Dear Fellow Employee” e-mail addressing the future of the company and asking them to view a short video message updating… read full story

Arnold: stagecraft governor?

05 October 2006 |permalink | email article

He won a recall election because voters regarded him as a celebrity fresh face, an independent less beholden to either party but to voters. But he now seems like just another expedient politician, a registered Republican who appears more… read full story

Social Conservatives Rebel

03 October 2006 |permalink | email article

In the wake of a second bombshell October surprise, the sexually explicit online conversations between resigned Rep. Mark Foley (R-Fla.) and former House pages, as far back as 2003, control of the House could shift to the Democrats next… read full story

Escape from the hot seat

01 October 2006 |permalink | email article

One might assume that George W. Bush has more urgent matters to worry about such as the mushrooming Congressional pages e-mail scandal involving ex-Rep. Mark Foley (R-Fla.) which could cost his party control of the House if a coverup… read full story

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