The Healer

31 December 2006 |permalink | email article

Gerald R. Ford probably won’t be remembered as a great American president but, instead, as an honest man who took office in 1974 and showed command presence after a disgraced Richard Nixon’s helicopter rose from the White House lawn.… read full story

Choices and Sacrifices

29 December 2006 |permalink | email article

W. likes to equate victory in Iraq with “difficult choices” and “additional sacrifices” by Americans in 2007. 

His argument, that the U.S. would not be “run of of the Middle East” by extremists and radicals is a false… read full story

Political Capital

28 December 2006 |permalink | email article

After his 2004 re-election, W. boasted that he had “political capital” and had intended to spend it.

Well, he used it all with little to show except for the fiasco in Iraq which, unless reversed, will define his place… read full story

Barack Obama Time?

27 December 2006 |permalink | email article

The Democratic Senator from Illinois has burst like a rocket over the American political landscape.

His book, ‘The Audacity of Hope’, has been atop the bestseller list for weeks with a refreshing proposal that Americans move beyond their political… read full story

2007: A New Year

26 December 2006 |permalink | email article

Political pundits make their predictions; people of good faith agree or disagree; the search for justice, peace and happiness remains unrequited. Consider the value of mindfulness in a turbulent world:

And now let us believe in the long year that is given to us, new, untouched, full of things that have never been. 
—The poet Rainer Maria Rilke

To return to the present is to be in contact with life. Life can be found only in the present moment, because the past no longer is and the future has not yet come. 
—The Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh


To surge or not surge?

19 December 2006 |permalink | email article

Who thought that W., long in denial about reality, would ever admit for the first time today the U.S. is not winning the war in Iraq?

Next to his fateful decision to invade, the president now faces his most… read full story

Polls: New candidates, ideas

17 December 2006 |permalink | email article

The 2008 Iowa caucuses are not until Jan. 14, 2008 but interest in presidential politics is soaring. This will be the first contest since 1952 with no president or vice president running.

Media coverage zeroing in on the… read full story

Rumsfeld’s exit

16 December 2006 |permalink | email article

The Pentagon farewell for Donald Rumsfeld, with full hoopla, military honors and a 19-gun salute, made it appear the White House warriors - W., with an assist from Dick Cheney - had all but christened the departing secretary of… read full story

Colin Powell’s warning

15 December 2006 |permalink | email article

Crucial exchange between Colin Powell and President Bush about the absolute primacy of security in Iraq:

Powell consistently argued to Bush that all the talk about reconstruction and the political process, oil exploration and electric generation, and economic… read full story

Rebuilding Iraq: another failure

13 December 2006 |permalink | email article

Listening to the few options he has to avert what a large majority of Americans now believe is a fiasco in Iraq, W. has fumed at the notion that he is “outsourcing” his role as commander-in-chief.

Yesterday he said… read full story

Recalling Truman

11 December 2006 |permalink | email article

“Do-nothing Congress,” Harry Truman’s bold epithet for the 1947-48 Republican-controlled session that rejected much of his program, comes to mind in describing the dismal record of the just ended 109th session.

The 80th Congress met 110 days compared to… read full story

Iraq: Illusion of victory

10 December 2006 |permalink | email article

The recommendations of the bipartisan Iraq Study Group have divided Republicans about how to manage the war while convincing many Democrats and liberal columnists that the war is verging on the non-winnable.

Right-wing conservatives blasted the report, suggesting the… read full story

House ethics failure

09 December 2006 |permalink | email article

The House ethics committee concluded that House Speaker Dennis Hastert and his top staff likely knew for months, if not years, about then-Rep. Mark Foley’s inappropriate contacts with former House pages. But the leadership did nothing to protect the… read full story

W.‘s moment to decide

06 December 2006 |permalink | email article

Will W. heed the urging of the bipartisan Iraq Study Group that a fundamental change in the U.S. military mission in Iraq is necessary because the policy “is not working” and conditions there are “deteriorating” with the prospect that… read full story

Bush, Bolton, Baker

04 December 2006 |permalink | email article

This is another moment-of-truth week for an increasingly defensive President Bush who accepted the resignation of United Nations ambassador John Bolton, conceding that his recess appointee of the Vice President Dick Cheneyaide last year could not win Senate confirmation.

read full story


02 December 2006 |permalink | email article

Three-time Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Paul Conrad drew his editorial messages for the Los Angeles Times for 30 years. Liberals applauded, conservatives jeered and, guess what? His pen and slashing one-line captions skewering politicians and presidents, including Nixon, Reagan and… read full story

Reyes: Tougher Intel Probes

02 December 2006 |permalink | email article

After a controversial start, incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi left no doubt that she is in control of the Democratic caucus Friday by naming little known Texas Rep. Silvestre Reyes, who opposed authorizing the Iraq war, to be the… read full story

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