NYT Wins, Tribune Co. Loses

31 January 2007 |permalink | email article

Los Angeles Times editor Dean Baquet, fired by the Tribune Company last November for refusing to cut the newsroom staff, is rejoining the New York Times, which he left in 2000.

After Baquet’s firing there was considerable speculation about… read full story

Brays and trumpets

30 January 2007 |permalink | email article

“I think all 100 senators ought to be on the line on this. What do you believe? What are you willing to support? Why were you elected? If you wanted a safe job, go sell shoes.” Republican Chuck Hagel,… read full story

Switching sides

29 January 2007 |permalink | email article

Barack Obama scores a major fundraising breakthrough following John Kerry’s decision not to run for president again which could impact both California and Florida if both states move up their 2008 primaries to Feb. 5.

With an intense scrum… read full story

Hillary’s Iraq riff won’t fly

28 January 2007 |permalink | email article

Frank Rich has an op-ed in today’s NYT which skewers Hillary Clinton on her struggles to parse formulations about Iraq and suggests that the Democrat’s pre-eminent presidential candidate can’t escape the war any more than W. can. Excerpts:

read full story

Rice misreads history

28 January 2007 |permalink | email article

The Secretary of State, traveling this month through the Middle East and Europe, engaged reporters on several long historical tutorials. She wanted to explain and justify the Bush administration’s Mideast policy, widely criticized for dismissing the bipartisan recommendations of… read full story

Afghanistan Redux

26 January 2007 |permalink | email article

Shadowy Dick Cheney, who must spend time on Pluto these days, tells CNN that the administration has achieved “enormous successes” in Iraq, while slamming the media and critics for undermining U.S. troops.

No need to worry about Afghanistan. The… read full story

W. beleaguered

25 January 2007 |permalink | email article

Just a day after his politely received State of the Union address and brief stab at bipartisanship, W. veered closer to lame-duck status..

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved a resolution denouncing the plan to send more troops to… read full story

State of the Union

23 January 2007 |permalink | email article

With his job approval rating just 28% in a new CBS News poll, and the war spiraling downward 13 days after a prime-time speech on his new strategy in Iraq, W. will attempt to “change the political conversation” in… read full story

California ‘08 primary

21 January 2007 |permalink | email article

Barred by the U.S. Constitution from running for president, Austrian-born Arnold Schwarzenegger is pushing an idea to give California – and himself – a key role in electing the next president.

With bipartisan legislative backing the governor wants… read full story

Clinton enters race

20 January 2007 |permalink | email article

“I’m in,” Hillary Rodham Clinton said in a webcast video to supporters early today, “and I’m in to win.” She’ll expand on her comments Sunday. 

Her accelerated entrance into the campaign, less than a week after Barack Obama’s… read full story

Follow the money

18 January 2007 |permalink | email article

As the late California Assembly Speaker Jesse M. Unruh famously said, “money is the mother’s milk of politics.” As the 2008 presidential race gains traction, the Golden State once again will be the number one source of donor funds… read full story

Obama’s in

17 January 2007 |permalink | email article

Barack Obama announced his presidential exploratory committee yesterday to little surprise. But the real news is that he will formally declare in Springfield, Ill., the home of Abraham Lincoln.

He is the only one of several Democratic candidates exploring… read full story

Defining Failure

14 January 2007 |permalink | email article

W’s speech defining a new strategy to secure Baghdad contained an implicit warning to Maliki that if his government does not follow through on a series of benchmarks for progress he cannot count on the support of either the… read full story

Too little, too late

11 January 2007 |permalink | email article

Gone in W’s speech were the smirk and cockiness about spending political capital. No more “mission accomplished” or victory talk.

Instead, he offered a weak version of the cliché the buck stops in the Oval Office.

“Mistakes”… read full story

W.‘s War Do-over

09 January 2007 |permalink | email article

On Wednesday, amid widespread skepticism, W will unveil his Iraq war policy. It includes sending as many as 20,000 more troops into Baghdad’s toughest neighborhood and clearing them 24/7.

The centerpiece of the new policy includes many benchmark… read full story

Brays and Trumpets

05 January 2007 |permalink | email article

Hillary Clinton leaves little doubt that she’s running for President. She tells Democrats in non-stop meetings that she considers Sen. Barack Obama and former Sen. John Edwards her major potential opponents. But it’s evident that Obama is the one… read full story

Life and Death

01 January 2007 |permalink | email article

A somber W. continues to liberate the “way forward” in Iraq, apparently still believing a military solution in Baghdad will snatch victory from defeat despite the grim conditions on the ground.

But the real news, as 2006 ended,… read full story

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