Obama vs. Guiliani?

28 February 2007 |permalink | email article

Any national presidential poll taken eleven months before the Iowa caucuses is only a mere snapshot.

But a new Zogby International telephone survey including 1,078 likely Democrat and Republican voters, with an overall margin of error of +/- 3… read full story

Thinking Big

27 February 2007 |permalink | email article

For Al Gore, who likes to say that he used to be president, the last two days beginning with Oscar Sunday have been both a vindication and a victory. 

Vindication was the return of his political good name… read full story

Gore: My Fellow Americans…

26 February 2007 |permalink | email article

Maureen Dowd said before the Academy Awards that because of David Geffen’s caustic remarks about the Clintons there would be more buzz about Hillary and Barack than about the film nominees.

Doud seemed to suggest that with Al… read full story

Barack and Roll Time?

25 February 2007 |permalink | email article

Is Barack Obama the genuine article or is he, as some veteran Hillary Clinton operatives are beginning to suggest, merely auditioning for vice president?

At a midafternoon Austin rally Friday that reflects the intensity of presidential campaigns so far… read full story

Arnold Goes National

24 February 2007 |permalink | email article

Arnold Schwarzenegger, still using a cane while recovering from a ski accident, gave an exclusive interview to Politico.com in which he confirmed a future interest in running for the U.S. Senate. He raised eyebrows by defending Hillary Clinton’s stubborn… read full story

Goodbye to Iraq

23 February 2007 |permalink | email article

Andrew Sullivan: The Atlantic Online

The small British withdrawal from Basra is not a watershed. Its minimal nature and indeterminate timing make it the least that Blair can still do to appease the overwhelming sense of public opinion… read full story

Infighting Begins

22 February 2007 |permalink | email article

David Geffen, once a pal and financial rainmaker for Bill and Hillary Clinton who now backs Barack Obama, her chief rival, dropped a bombshell into the nascent 2008 Democratic presidential campaign yesterday.

A column by Maureen Dowd in… read full story

Flyover Politics

21 February 2007 |permalink | email article

John McCain is the latest Republican presidential hopeful to receive an environmental tutorial from Arnold Schwarzenegger when the governor takes the senator on a Southern California aerial tour today.

The purpose of the tour, to include the truck clogged… read full story

Bubba’s Back

20 February 2007 |permalink | email article

Bill Clinton has abandoned his low profile role to become chief surrogate in his spouse’s run for the White House. MSNBC showed footage of him with Hillary Rodham Clinton at a rally of minority legislators last week in New… read full story

Worrying About Joe

19 February 2007 |permalink | email article

Joe Lieberman, I-Conn., joined the Senate Republican filibuster Saturday and voted against cloture which effectively blocked Democrats from debating a House-approved resolution sent more combat troops to Iraq.

With Democrats holding a slim 51-49 majority in the Senate, his… read full story

Iraq: Quo Vadis?

18 February 2007 |permalink | email article

Will Rogers once said, “I don’t make jokes; I just watch the government and report the facts.” The week in Congress ended with no jokes but much partisan shouting.

The Democratic-led House formally repudiated the decision by Bush to… read full story

Maria Shriver

17 February 2007 |permalink | email article

California’s first lady delivered Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s weekly Saturday radio address Feb. 10, a very unusual act that’s prompted Sacramento insiders to buzz about whether the former NBC News personality may be auditioning for something bigger.

Phil Matier and… read full story

Ask Bush

16 February 2007 |permalink | email article

The commander in chief belatedly will extend the stay of 3,200 American troops in Afghanistan to aid NATO-commanded forces in combating a spring offensive by the resurgent Taliban.

The increase boosts U.S. forces in theater to 27,000, the… read full story

Defining Victory

15 February 2007 |permalink | email article

The most penetrating question I thought President Bush was asked yesterday came half way through his first news conference of the year.

The question: You talk about victory – that you have victory in Iraq; it would be catastrophic… read full story

Rudy: Long-Shot Puzzle

14 February 2007 |permalink | email article

Rudy Giuliani has not formally declared as a candidate for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination. But the former New York mayor has star power and now leads chief rival John McCain by 16% in a new USA TODAY/Gallup Poll… read full story

Bush Rebuke Looms

13 February 2007 |permalink | email article

The House of Representatives today begins debating a resolution on Iraq, with all 435 members getting five minutes to speak until Thursday or Friday, when the chamber will take an historic vote virtually certain to repudiate President Bush’s “surge”… read full story

A Cooked Up War

12 February 2007 |permalink | email article

Pre-war intelligence: Was it engineered by Donald Rumsfeld’s Pentagon intelligence office to justify a connection between Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden as an excuse to invade Iraq in early 2003? Yes, a report by the Pentagon’s acting inspector… read full story

Obama, Lincoln and Douglas

11 February 2007 |permalink | email article

How worried are conservatives about the presidential candidacy of Barack Obama?

A comment today by National Standard editor William Kristol on “Fox News Sunday” suggests the fear of him on the far right may run deep, at least… read full story

Edwards and the Internet

10 February 2007 |permalink | email article

John Edwards has become the first presidential hopeful to feel the rough and tumble bite of the Internet as candidates in both parties try to bridge the gap between traditional politics and the online world.

In a crisis mode,… read full story

Blowing Billions in Iraq

07 February 2007 |permalink | email article

Bob Woodward, in “State of Denial,” wrote that L. Paul Bremer III left for Iraq in 2003 just over two weeks from the first time he met with Bush. A diplomat and counterterrorism expert he was not a Middle… read full story

California Voice

05 February 2007 |permalink | email article

California is perceived nationally as an ATM state for presidential candidates in both parties.

This month, in the Bay Area alone, the three leading candidates for the Democratic nomination will be raising money: Sen. John Edwards (Feb. 15), and… read full story

Mobilizing Online

04 February 2007 |permalink | email article

Online politics will play a powerful role in the 2008 presidential primary campaign if Friday’s mobilized event at George Mason College in Virginia is any indication. 

Several thousand students turned out as Barack Obama appealed for support, underscoring… read full story

Scandal and Hypocrisy

03 February 2007 |permalink | email article

The scandal involving San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom’s contrite admission - and public apology - regarding an affair with his wife’s campaign manager has unleashed a flurry of gossip and speculation about his political future.

Is the 39-year-old mayor,… read full story


02 February 2007 |permalink | email article

Joe Biden’s White House bid this week, as ABC News reported, may have set a record for the shortest amount of time in presidential campaign history from announcement to apology for offending a minority candidate.

Hoping to quickly establish… read full story

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