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29 February 2008 |permalink | email article

“That’s interesting. I hadn’t heard that … I know it’s high now.” President Bush, asked by a reporter about what advice he’d given an average American, who is faced with the prospect of $4 gallon gas.”

“Mr. Obama has… read full story

Curtain Call

28 February 2008 |permalink | email article

An upset Hillary Clinton cited a “Saturday Night Live” skit this week to complain about her media treatment by Democratic debate moderators Brian Williams and Tim Russert.

“In the last several debates I seem to get the first question… read full story

McCain, Obama Trade Volleys

28 February 2008 |permalink | email article

Neither John McCain nor Barack Obama have yet wrapped up their party nominations but the putative presidential contenders, ignoring Hillary Clinton, have already started to engage on Iraq.

McCain seized on a Tuesday night Democratic debate remark by Obama… read full story

Anger vs. Cool

27 February 2008 |permalink | email article

The 20th Democratic debate in Cleveland before next Tuesday’s crucial primaries in Texas and Ohio, if not quite a donnybrook, was civil but not relaxed.

Clinton and Obama jousted on health care, trade policy, Iraq and his campaign tactics.… read full story

Which Hillary Will Show Up?

26 February 2008 |permalink | email article

ABC News put it succinctly about tonight’s MSNBC’s Clinton-Obama debate in Cleveland.

Will it be the “I am honored to be here with Barack Obama” Hillary? Or the “shame-on-you” Hillary?

Based on tactical adjustments to her inconsistent message –… read full story

McCain’s Ethical Challenge

25 February 2008 |permalink | email article

John McCain’s alleged relationship with a woman telecom lobbyist, which caused anxious advisers concern during the his first White House run in 2000, led The New York Times’ front-page story last Thursday, causing a firestorm of controversy and initial… read full story

Nader: The Spoiler Returns

24 February 2008 |permalink | email article

Let’s redefine gadfly, generally a persistently annoying person when not an insect, with a more apt political metaphor. How about Ralph Nader?

On NBC’s “Meet the Press” today, Nader predictably said he will make a third bid –… read full story

Texas, Ohio Polls Tighten

23 February 2008 |permalink | email article

A past familiar pattern affecting Democratic primaries is emerging in Texas and Ohio. A trailing Obama is once again closing the gap with Clinton in the two most recent Rasmussen polls.

In Texas, Obama was behind by 16% on… read full story

Texas Debate Showdown

22 February 2008 |permalink | email article

Obama and Clinton engaged in a polite but occasionally combative debate last night in Austin as a new Washington Post/ABC News poll showed them deadlocked in Texas 11 days before March 4 – a primary Bill Clinton says she… read full story

McCain: Old Ethics Issues Resurface

21 February 2008 |permalink | email article

As John McCain is within reach of the Republican presidential nomination, ethical allegations involving lobbying early in his 2000 run for the White House caused a wave of anxiety among his small circle of advisers.

The New York… read full story

Obama 10-Streak, McCain Ready

20 February 2008 |permalink | email article

The Democratic frontrunner won in Wisconsin and Hawaii by landslides over a fading Hillary Clinton while Republican John McCain’s victories in the Badger State and Washington all but sealed his nomination.

Her twin defeats leaves the former first lady… read full story

L.A. Times Renews Case for Obama

19 February 2008 |permalink | email article

The Los Angeles Times, as did virtually every major newspaper in California including Spanish language La Opinion, endorsed Barack Obama on Super Tuesday.

He lost, partly because of black-Latino tensions but more in tribute to Bill and Hillary… read full story


18 February 2008 |permalink | email article

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that Clinton is cutting her Wisconsin campaign short on Monday, a day ahead of Tuesday’s primary election, to stump in Texas and Ohio ahead of Obama - a replay of her strategy in quiting… read full story

Clinton, Putin and more

16 February 2008 |permalink | email article

Hillary Clinton remarking that former K.G.B. officer Vladimir V. Putin “has no soul.” The outgoing Russian president’s response: “As a minimum, a state official must at least have a head.”

“Most people are saying it looks like McCain… read full story

California: Million Votes Still Untallied

15 February 2008 |permalink | email article

Wow! Turns out almost a million California votes cast in the Super Tuesday presidential primaries remain uncounted.

The Sacramento Bee reports that the mountain of absentee and provisional ballots – 960,000 by one count – equals the total number… read full story

Race Card Redux?

14 February 2008 |permalink | email article

Race, unsuccessfully injected into the South Carolina primary by the Clinton side but thought to have been muted since, has reared its ugly presence again in the Democratic campaign.

Pennsylvania Gov. Edward Rendell, one of Clinton’s most aggressive supporters,… read full story

Potomac Trifecta, On to Wisconsin

13 February 2008 |permalink | email article

Obama scored crushing victories over Clinton in Maryland, the District of Columbia and Virginia, a state which was once expected to be her best chance of winning the so-called “Potomac Primaries.”

Extending his winning streak, Obama has momentum, a… read full story

What’s Edwards’ Quid Pro Quo?

12 February 2008 |permalink | email article

Hillary Clinton and John Edwards, who dropped out of the presidential race Jan. 30, met Thursday in Chapel Hill, N.C.

A meeting between Barack Obama and Edwards, planned for yesterday on the eve of Potomac Tuesday, was cancelled… read full story

GOP’s Dream Opponent?

11 February 2008 |permalink | email article

While Clinton and Obama fight for the Democratic nomination, the Republicans have started to telegraph the candidate whom they would most prefer to run against in November.

Clinton, no longer the inevitable nominee and with high negatives, suggests a… read full story

Maine Goes Obama

10 February 2008 |permalink | email article

The expectation was women would give Clinton an edge in Maine’s caucuses Sunday with a heavy turnout despite snow and winds.

But Obama had organization and momentum, beating Clinton by 18 points after his landslide wins in Washington, Nebraska… read full story

Powell: In from the Cold?

10 February 2008 |permalink | email article

Bush’s former Secretary of State tells “Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer” today on CNN that he may support a Democrat or Independent for president in November and may not back the Republican nominee.

Noting that he has voted for… read full story

Obama Landslides, Huckabee Shocks

10 February 2008 |permalink | email article

Barack Obama swept to huge Democratic caucus victories in Nebraska, Washington State and the U.S. Virgin Islands over Hillary Clinton yesterday also beat her in the Louisiana primary in the delegate race.

Obama continued his string of winning… read full story

Pentagon on Prolonged Wars

09 February 2008 |permalink | email article

The Associated Press late Friday learned that a classified Pentagon assessment has concluded that prolonged wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have prevented the military from improving its ability to respond to any new crisis.

The news alert confirms the… read full story

McCain Genuflects to Right

08 February 2008 |permalink | email article

John McCain, whose Lazarus-like primary comeback was fueled largely by moderate Republicans and independents, groveled before the annual Conservative Political Action Conference yesterday.

In the wake of arch rival Mitt Romney’s suspension of his campaign, McCain apologized for skipping… read full story

Clinton’s Cash Crunch

07 February 2008 |permalink | email article

If it’s true that money chases momentum Clinton is losing the cash war and advertising edge to Obama. In January he raised $32 million while she raised less than $14 million.

It was disclosed Wednesday that Clinton loaned her… read full story

McCain Closer, Democrats Split

06 February 2008 |permalink | email article

In the wake of Super Tuesday presidential contests in 22 states the Republican and Democratic parties are headed on very different paths on the road to the White House.

John McCain edged closer to the nomination by taking the… read full story

Democrats Fight On

06 February 2008 |permalink | email article

The elusive battle between Clinton and Obama, far from conclusive, intensifies Saturday when two states – Washington and Nebraska – caucus, while Louisiana and U.S. Virgin Islands hold primaries.

A confident Clinton campaign which won more big-prize states like… read full story

Surprise, Surprise

05 February 2008 |permalink | email article

Karl Rove, Bush’s brain, will join Rupert Murdock’s Fox News Channel as a contributor starting with today’s live coverage of the biggest day of the presidential primary election season.

Murdoch’s once cozy relationship with Hillary Clinton ended when his… read full story

Spin Central

05 February 2008 |permalink | email article

On Super Tuesday eve both the Clinton and Obama camps were trying to lower expectations while anticipating the start of a long game and the next round of states, Politico reported.

Mark Penn, Clinton’s chief strategist, said “we expect… read full story

24 Hours

04 February 2008 |permalink | email article

With more than 20 states holding nominating contests the dramatic story on election eve is that the race is virtually now dead even nationally between Clinton and Obama. Among Republicans McCain could wrap up or come close to winning… read full story

Shriver, Arnold’s Wife, Backs Obama

03 February 2008 |permalink | email article

A pre-Super Bowl rally for Barack Obama at UCLA featuring Caroline Kennedy, Oprah Winfrey and Michele Obama produced two stunning political surprises on C-SPAN live.

The candidate’s wife introduced Stevie Wonder who said that while admiring Bill Clinton and… read full story

Obama Ahead in Calfornia

03 February 2008 |permalink | email article

Neck and neck in key Super Tuesday battleground states a surging Obama has taken a slim lead over Clinton in California, the biggest delegate prize.

A new Zogby poll out today has Obama ahead, 45% to 41%, within the… read full story

Obama: Key Late Support

03 February 2008 |permalink | email article

Endorsements of Barack Obama and John McCain by The Los Angeles Times and Spanish language La Opinion are pivotal for each candidate before Super Tuesday.

But the most effusive backing is for Obama, surging to close the gap between… read full story

Clinton, Obama Ready for McCain

01 February 2008 |permalink | email article

The Clinton vs. Obama showdown last night at the celebrity-filled Kodak Theater in Hollywood turned out to be more of a Kodak moment than a brawl – more conversation and less debate.

With either a white woman or a… read full story

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