Which One Is the Real McCain?

31 July 2008 |permalink | email article

IS he a happy warrior or an angry warrior as the dog days of August begin?

Angry seems to be winning as McCain continues an aggressive ad campaign to define Obama as arrogant, out of touch and unprepared for… read full story

Zell: Sell The Times

30 July 2008 |permalink | email article

“WHERE will Sam Zell take the struggling Tribune Company? Connie Bruck wrote in her New Yorker profile of the real estate magnate in November 2007. Seven months earlier, Zell signed an $8.2- billion deal that would give him control… read full story

Kaine: Strong VP Buzz

29 July 2008 |permalink | email article

POLITICO reported yesterday evening that Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine, 50, ranks “very, very high” on Barack Obama’s shortlist.

Citing sources in Richmond and Chicago, the blog added that Kaine’s “getting a critical examination.” Others also now reportedly on the… read full story

Election Day: 99 Days Away

28 July 2008 |permalink | email article

THE economy, more than ever, is America’s No. 1 concern.

Obama pivots to upstage McCain, shown in recent polls to be at a disadvantage on pocketbook issues, by convening a high level economics meeting in Washington today.

Participants include… read full story

McCain: Odd Man Out

27 July 2008 |permalink | email article

“Timetable” on an Iraq exit was once a dirty word for Republicans, notably John McCain.

The presumptive GOP nominee blasted Mitt Romney in January for encouraging President Bush in April 2007 to develop a series of “milestones or… read full story

First Bounce?

26 July 2008 |permalink | email article

A Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll on Friday of 1,000 likely voters showed a bounce for Obama as his overseas trip wound down.

The presumptive Democratic nominee gets 46% compared to 41% for McCain.

When leaners are included,… read full story

Electoral College Preview

26 July 2008 |permalink | email article

Obama is questioned by Tom Brokaw Sunday from London on a special “Meet the Press” which may give a large audience greater insight as to whether his stunning trip overseas and meeting with world leaders enhances his credentials to… read full story

McCain Forgets Canada

25 July 2008 |permalink | email article

John McCain was questioned on the NBC Nightly News Thursday about why Barack Obama would give a speech in Berlin before becoming president.

“I would rather speak at a rally or a political gathering outside the country after I… read full story

It’s Obama Time

24 July 2008 |permalink | email article

Everyone agrees that Obama has won the week big with his fact-finding blitz across the Middle East and now moving into Germany, France and Britain starting today as a frustrated McCain remains mired on the town hall circuit.

What… read full story

Obama In Israel, McCain Stuck On Iraq

23 July 2008 |permalink | email article

THE crucial part of Obama’s overseas tour takes place today “with profound security issues” in packed meetings with both Israeli and Palestinian leaders.

He’ll also visit Yad Vashem, the Israeli memorial to victims of the Holocaust, with a possible… read full story

Is McCain Losing Altitude?

22 July 2008 |permalink | email article

The Republican buzz, sources citing conservative columnist Robert Novak, is that John McCain may name his vice presidential running mate this week, attempting to draw attention away from impressive Obama headlines abroad.

Politico cited a McCain operative as declining… read full story

Veep Pick: Early August Or Sooner

21 July 2008 |permalink | email article

Informed sources say Barack Obama will pick his vice presidential running mate before the start of the Beijing Olympic Games on August 8. The Democratic National Convention in Denver starts on August 25, the day after the Olympics end.

read full story

Progressives: Has Obama Sold Out?

20 July 2008 |permalink | email article

Despite feelings of anguish and betrayal emanating from Arianna Huffington and other left-wing bloggers and
editorial writers that Obama has tacked too far center to win, the answer is an emphatic NO.

Markos Moulitsas, the founder of the… read full story

New McCain Gaffe

19 July 2008 |permalink | email article

HOW worried is John McCain about Barack Obama’s overseas trip aimed at proving his foreign policy credentials? More than his campaign will admit.

In a clear protocol breach – the White House, State Department and Pentagon never announce… read full story

Veep: Change vs. Experience

18 July 2008 |permalink | email article

Obama appears closer to narrowing his list of vice presidential candidates.

This week he campaigned in Indiana with Sen. Evan Bayh and former Sen. Sam Nunn, each with strong national security credentials.

A third possibility, Sen. Jack Reed,… read full story

Bush: Getting Real At Last?

17 July 2008 |permalink | email article

B43 has authorized the most significant U.S. diplomatic contact with Iran since the Islamic Revolution in 1979. Unclear is whether it’s a wake up call or more merely a rearrangement of the deck chairs as the band plays on.… read full story

Afghanistan, Not Iraq

16 July 2008 |permalink | email article

Obama, in a major foreign policy speech, invoked Gen. George Marshall, architect of the famous economic aid plan that helped rebuild Europe after World War II, while offering new approaches to protect U.S. security and rebuild international relations.

Obama… read full story

Obama and The New Yorker

15 July 2008 |permalink | email article

Founder Harold Ross famously declared in his 1925 prospectus for The New Yorker: “It has announced that it is not edited for the old lady in Dubuque.”

The magazine has never lost its touches of sophisticated humor that Ross,… read full story

Satire or Smear?

14 July 2008 |permalink | email article

THE July 21 cover of The New Yorker depicts Barack Obama in a turban, fist-bumping his gun-slinging wife in the Oval Office. And, yes, there is an American flag burning in the fireplace.

The magazine says the cover satirizes… read full story

The Joke Is On Bush

13 July 2008 |permalink | email article

George Bush finally revealed what a gauche Texas cowboy he really is, surprising world leaders discussing ways to cut carbon emissions with a tasteless joke as he left the G-8 summit in Japan last week.

The Telegraph reported that… read full story

Arnold Blasts Bush On ABC

13 July 2008 |permalink | email article

Why does California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger continue to masquerade as a Republican when he and his party are so far apart on many popular issues, notably the environment?

Schwarzenegger, in an exclusive interview with George Stephanopolous to air Sunday… read full story

Fiorina vs. McCaskill

12 July 2008 |permalink | email article

“Meet the Press” features an unusual woman surrogate battle Sunday pitting former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina and McCain adviser against Sen. Claire McCaskill of Missouri, out front early for Obama.

Moderator Tom Brokaw will question them about tax policy,… read full story


12 July 2008 |permalink | email article

Andrew Sullivan of The Atlantic, one of the most thoughtful conservatives in the nation who likes Obama, blogs that his campaign could be too cocky for its own good.

Marc Ambinder conducted a survey for The Atlantic.com Poll which… read full story

Nation of ‘Whiners,’ Sister Souljah Moment

11 July 2008 |permalink | email article

At week’s end, John McCain, ignorant about economics, bombed; Barack Obama, while disappointing the left, scored.

Asked by a young woman at a town-hall forum if she is likely to receive Social Security benefits someday, McCain said it was… read full story

Electoral Vote Trend

10 July 2008 |permalink | email article

NBC’s electoral map in early June, right after the Democratic primary season, had John McCain and Barack Obama tied – each with 200 electoral votes when adding up their base and lean states.

But the network’s July map shows… read full story

Trust, Latinos, Rush

09 July 2008 |permalink | email article

Voters believe while Obama is best able to handle most major issues, immigration is among issues on which voters give McCain a slight edge.

A Pew Research Center poll found Obama with double-digit leads on social issues, health care,… read full story

McCain And Econ 101

08 July 2008 |permalink | email article

By his own admission John McCain knows nothing about economics which in all polls is the #1 issue of voter concern. The military is really his game.

At the beginning of a week in which both McCain and Barack… read full story

Jesse and Charlie

07 July 2008 |permalink | email article

Jesse Helms, the ideological purist and hard-edged North Carolina conservative who died Friday, fought against civil rights, gay rights, foreign aid and modern art.

In his uphill 1990 Senate re-election fight against Harvey Gantt, the black former mayor… read full story

Rating McCain and Obama

05 July 2008 |permalink | email article

CNN/Opinion Research Data 6/26 to 6/29:

Just 40% in March thought Obama had enough experience to be president. Now it’s 48%.

Changes his mind for political reasons:

Obama – Yes 59%; No 38%
McCain – Yes 61%; No… read full story

Outing Rush

05 July 2008 |permalink | email article

Sunday’s New York Times Magazine reveals a candid Limbaugh, most of whose broadcasts emanate from a radio studio in a Palm Beach, Fla., which he calls the Southern Command, and describes on the air as a “heavily fortified bunker.”

read full story

The Big Lull

04 July 2008 |permalink | email article

The July Fourth holiday coincides with the beginning of a two-month lull in the presidential race.

The Olympics in China early in August are followed by the Democratic convention in Denver ending August 28 and the Republican one on… read full story

All Politics Is Local

02 July 2008 |permalink | email article

House Republicans, facing unexpectedly deep GOP losses in special elections in Illinois, Louisiana and Mississippi, have been handed a new 2008 playbook aimed at minimizing November losses.

In a shocking turnabout candidates are being urged to run essentially as… read full story

McCain’s Energy Flaw

01 July 2008 |permalink | email article

Arnold Schwarzenegger, California’s Republican governor, had a puzzling experience on Sunday’s “Meet the Press.”

Tom Brokaw needled him on spending and the economy but a question about the environment seemed to rattle the fiscally conservative supporter of Republican… read full story

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