Rescue Plan: Still Alive?

30 September 2008 |permalink | email article

In the wake of “Meltdown Monday,” with bipartisan lawmakers defying leaders of both parties and dealing a stunning defeat to a proposed $700 billion economic rescue plan which sent the markets plunging, Politico reports a bounceback may be coming… read full story

Strategy and Tactics

29 September 2008 |permalink | email article

James Fallows, the author and national editor of the Atlantic, offers some valuable insights about the John McCain-Barack Obama race 36 days before the election.

McCain’s least self-aware moment in Friday’s debate came at the half-way point, when he… read full story

Advantage Obama

28 September 2008 |permalink | email article

If there was no clear ideological winner in Friday’s hybrid debate on the economy and foreign policy one impression remains: America is a watching a generational battle in which John McCain, 72, appears as more senatorial with Barack Obama,… read full story

Debate: Editorial/Blog Comment

28 September 2008 |permalink | email article

“McCain wanted to be the true revolutionary in the room, but his is the Reagan revolution, and for a lot of people right now, it doesn’t look like morning in America.” Alessandra Stanley, New York Times.

“No memorable… read full story

Sunday Talk

27 September 2008 |permalink | email article

Tivo musts:

John McCain on ABC’s “This Week,” first post-debate interview.

Barack Obama on CBS’s “Face the Nation.” Full 30 minutes.

Bill Clinton on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”


read full story

WaMu, Crisis, Debate

26 September 2008 |permalink | email article

Last night’s seizure of Washington Mutual, the giant lender that came to represent the excesses of the mortgage boom, by federal regulators — the largest bank failure in American history — adds fresh urgency to resolving the multi-billion economic… read full story

McCain Pivots: Electoral Panic?

25 September 2008 |permalink | email article

McCain and Obama accepted President Bush’s invitation last night to meet with him today to address the proposed $700 million bailout of financial institutions before Congress.

But the unpredictable McCain, declaring that it was time to “set politics… read full story

Straight Talk Express No More

24 September 2008 |permalink | email article

SINCE John McCain’s Sept. 15th comment that the “economy is basically sound” it’s been clear that he continues to lose political altitude — aside from shielding vacuous running mate Sarah Palin from press conferences for over a month.… read full story

First Debate Strategy

23 September 2008 |permalink | email article

THE conventional wisdom is that the first presidential debate is often the game-changer. The first of three scheduled debates Friday in Mississippi gives John McCain and Barack Obama maximum exposure, and a chance to pull ahead in a close… read full story

Main Street Worries

22 September 2008 |permalink | email article

CAMPAIGNING across Florida over the weekend Barack Obama, using the Wall Street meltdown as a theme, pounded John McCain on Social Security and health care concerns.

Given the state’s huge elderly population Obama reminded Floridians that McCain had backed… read full story

Crunch Time for Washington

21 September 2008 |permalink | email article

CALL it Black September and note that the past week has been described by the Wall Street Journal as marking “a decisive turn” in the evolution of American capitalism.

It has prompted the Bush administration to devise a bailout… read full story

Paulson on the Crisis

21 September 2008 |permalink | email article

Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson is the major guest on no fewer than four network interviews — “Fox News Sunday,” ABC’s “This Week,” CBS’s “Face the Nation” and NBC’s “Meet the Press” to discuss the federal government’s $700 billion emergency… read full story

Women Voters

19 September 2008 |permalink | email article

Data in a New York Times/CBS News Poll (Sept. 12-16) offers interesting clues about women — a larger voter bloc than men — before and after the recent national party conventions:

Barack Obama

All women: + 9%
read full story

Deregulation Haunts McCain

18 September 2008 |permalink | email article

For 25 years in Congress John McCain has seen himself as a champion of deregulation and smaller government. Ten years ago he backed legislation to break down the barriers between commercial and investment banks and insurance companies

As recently… read full story

Obama: Regaining His Groove?

17 September 2008 |permalink | email article

Barack Obama’s been harshly criticized by liberal bloggers and fellow cable pundits for being, well, just too cool. “Where’s the passion?” MSNBC’s motor mouth host Chris Matthews angrily asked twice yesterday.

In fact, there are some initial signs Obama,… read full story

Wall Street and Phil Gramm

16 September 2008 |permalink | email article

The presidential candidates, with Wall Street down more than 500 points on Monday, finally got the message 50 days before the election that it’s all about the economy as they try to cast themselves as reformers favoring tougher regulation,… read full story

Black Sunday, Wall of Fear Monday

15 September 2008 |permalink | email article

The worse collapse on Wall Street, with Lehman Brothers filing for bankruptcy and Merrill Lynch sold to Bank of America, alters the course of the presidential campaign with neither candidate nor the media well prepared to respond.

Its long… read full story

Farewell to Experience?

15 September 2008 |permalink | email article

John F. Kennedy said at the annual Al Smith dinner in New York back in 1960, “The worst news for Mr. Nixon is that the Yankees fired Casey Stengel. It shows that experience doesn’t count.”

JFK’s quip was presciently… read full story

Save the Polar Bear

14 September 2008 |permalink | email article

The Alaskan Candidate is programmed but still capable of deviating from the tightly controlled Steve Schmidt line. Turns out Sarah Palin and John McCain, ducking the #1 economic issue, differ on something other than stem-cell research. 

As governor,… read full story

Saturday Night Live

13 September 2008 |permalink | email article

Just in: Obama cancels because of Hurricane Ike…Tina Fey “likely” to play Sarah Palin.

read full story

Presidential Debate Schedule

13 September 2008 |permalink | email article

*** Sept. 26 at the University of Mississippi, on foreign policy and national security, moderated by Jim Lehrer of PBS, with McCain and Obama standing at lecterns.

*** Oct. 7 at Belmont University, Nashville. Audience, Internet. Moderated by Tom… read full story

Programming Palin

12 September 2008 |permalink | email article

The Alaska governor told ABC News’ Charles Gibson on Thursday in her tough first interview after being chosen by John McCain, and in response to Gibson’s question, that she has enough experience and ability to be not just vice… read full story

Enough About Pigs and Lipstick

11 September 2008 |permalink | email article

Barack Obama revealed Wednesday night that former President Bill Clinton, once his nemesis, will campaign for him in the weeks leading up to the Nov. 4 election.

“There’s nobody smarter in politics,” Obama said on CBS’ ”Late Show with… read full story

McCain’s Arrogant Assumption

10 September 2008 |permalink | email article

“Country First “ is the ubiquitous slogan of the McCain campaign—like McCain puts it there, and Obama does not. It’s ripe with troubling innuendo.

Does it mean that McCain is more American than Obama, born to a white mother… read full story


09 September 2008 |permalink | email article

Two astute Republicans — a GOP consultant, senior strategist in John McCain’s 2000 campaign and MSNBC contributor, and a gifted Wall Street Journal columnist and former Reagan speechwriter — offer their thoughts, concerns and hope about the choice of… read full story

Palin Praises Obama

08 September 2008 |permalink | email article

The New Yorker, dated today, contains a bombshell piece in “The Talk of the Town” with John McCain on the cover.

It contains positive statements Sarah Palin initially made about Barack Obama before her mocking, Ann Coulter-like speech… read full story

Jobs: Does August Dip Doom GOP?

07 September 2008 |permalink | email article

Forget the nonsense about who’s ready to become commander in chief. The central issue today is a failing economy.

Obama and McCain have turned to focusing on it, fueled by a U.S. jobless rate which jumped to 6.1%… read full story

McCain and War Heroes

06 September 2008 |permalink | email article

As M.J. Rosenberg wrote in Talking Points Memo John McCain is not one of America’s greatest war heroes. He is a former POW who survived, heroically, and deserves to be honored for that heroism.

“But one thing distinguishes McCain… read full story

McCain Discovers Change

05 September 2008 |permalink | email article

John McCain, in a notable and confessional speech about his epiphany as a Vietnam POW hero turned political rebel, promised Republicans last night that “change is coming” to Washington while vowing to vanquish the “constant partisan rancor” plaguing the… read full story

McCain’s Sassy Pit Bull

04 September 2008 |permalink | email article

Sarah Palin, a former TV sportscaster, gave a powerful, nasty and divisive speech last night, detailing her biography as the first woman to accept the Republican vice presidential nomination while solidifying the evangelical base.

John McCain will find… read full story

Palin: Two-Faced on Earmarks

03 September 2008 |permalink | email article

John McCain has long fought against earmarks – federal spending sought by members of Congress to benefit specific projects.

Appearing last week as McCain’s “soul mate,” Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin also railed against earmarks, touting her opposition as… read full story

McCain’s Risky Pick

02 September 2008 |permalink | email article

What did a desperate and trailing John McCain really know about Sarah Palin after just two conversations over six months before naming her his running mate?

But days later, as the Atlantic’s Marc Ambinder points out, the McCain campaign… read full story

Women’s Vote and Palin

01 September 2008 |permalink | email article

A new CNN poll taken Friday through Sunday shows Obama leading by a point, a statistical dead heat.

But almost six in ten Americans say the selection of Palin as McCain’s running mate will have no effect on their… read full story

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