McCain Needs Inside Straight

31 October 2008 |permalink | email article

HALLOWEEN finds the 2008 presidential campaign near the finish line without an October Surprise.

In terms of the national discourse going into the final weekend as Daylight Saving Time ends Barack Obama has a clear advantage over a… read full story

Obama and FDR

30 October 2008 |permalink | email article

SNAP critiques of Barack Obama’s multimillion-dollar television infomercial – 28 minutes of tape and a two-minute live shot at a Florida rally - on seven networks last night made history and received generally favorable reviews.

Dan Rather told… read full story

Rival Brain Trusts

29 October 2008 |permalink | email article

THE economic policies of the McCain and Obama campaigns have been shaped by a starkly different set of advisers relative to the current fiscal crisis.

McCain’s “economic roundtable” in Cleveland this week was made up mostly of business or… read full story

Florida: Passing the Torch

28 October 2008 |permalink | email article

BILL Clinton campaigns with Barack Obama in their first joint Florida appearance tomorrow at an evening rally in Orlando, a Bush red state whose 27 Electoral Votes once seemed in John McCain’s pocket. Now it’s a toss-up.

The former… read full story

Blue State Dreaming

27 October 2008 |permalink | email article

JOHN McCain, playing defense, demonstrated Sunday on “Meet the Press” he’d be happy with a bunt single to win the game. But he’ll need at least a blue state to pull it off because he’ll lose red-states Virginia and… read full story

Shout Out

27 October 2008 |permalink | email article

The McCain-Palin ticket hates the press. Here’s why.

Editor and Publisher reported Obama has a “landslide” 3-1 lead in newspaper endorsements. The real news is more than 35 newspapers that backed Bush in 2004 have switched to the Democratic… read full story

Femme Fatale?

26 October 2008 |permalink | email article

“One does not have to be a psychoanalyst to reckon that McCain was smitten. By no means am I suggesting anything untoward between McCain and his running mate. Palin is a governor, after all. She does have an executive… read full story

Obama Grand Slam?

26 October 2008 |permalink | email article

The election isn’t over but every pollster and analyst is careful to emphasize something could happen to shift the dynamic of the presidential race from a focus on the recession to national security to give McCain a fighting comeback… read full story

The Race Factor

25 October 2008 |permalink | email article

MEDIA, pollsters and pundits have long speculated about whether the fact that Barack Obama is black could be a hidden factor in denying him the presidency. Just 10 days before an historic election the answer is clearer.

A CNN/Opinion… read full story

National Public Radio

24 October 2008 |permalink | email article

A final non-partisan survey by National Public Radio shows Obama moving into a commanding lead in battleground states and all key elements of the campaign.

In these states Obama is leading McCain, 52% to 41 percent - a 15-point… read full story

Blame Game

24 October 2008 |permalink | email article

JOHN McCain’s interview with the Washington Times in which he lashed out at a litany of Bush policies and issues which he said he would have handled better as president has triggered an intense round of finger-pointing among his… read full story

Swinging to Obama

23 October 2008 |permalink | email article

Obama, most polls show, has a double-digit national lead. The real story, however, involves swing states which determine the outcome of the Electoral College vote.

MSNBC’s First Read today reports fresh state polls showing Obama is in a commanding… read full story

Will God Decide?

23 October 2008 |permalink | email article

SARAH Palin was interviewed by evangelical leader Dr. James Dobson on Monday in Denver and expressed confidence that in spite of disheartening polls the Election Day results are up to God.

Dobson, whose radio show reaches an estimated 1.5… read full story

McCain: Listing to Port

22 October 2008 |permalink | email article

MAJOR new daily tracking polls indicate that while John McCain continues to mount fierce attacks against Barack Obama, his campaign shows increasing signs of defeat 13 days before the election.

Obama, in contrast, is beginning to pull away and… read full story

Obama Off Trail

21 October 2008 |permalink | email article

Barack Obama will break from the campaign trail and fly to Hawaii on Thursday to visit his seriously ill grandmother, 85, the devoted woman who all but raised him in his teenage years. He resumes campaigning Saturday but his… read full story

Mocking Sarah Palin

20 October 2008 |permalink | email article

THE wannabe vice-president, a reflection of John McCain’s poor judgment, still acts like she’s recently alighted from a space ship. Awed by the new terrain the governor has yet to denounce a long festering Alaskan secessionist movement from the… read full story

Powell’s Support Lifts Obama

20 October 2008 |permalink | email article

Retired Gen. Colin Powell’s endorsement of Barack Obama is significant and prevents John McCain from winning several news cycles with just 15 left. While the most prominent Republican defection in the campaign it’s impact will be widely noted abroad.… read full story

Tax Policy: A Moral Issue?

19 October 2008 |permalink | email article

Angry John McCain, in a radio address and at rallies Saturday in Virginia and North Carolina, accused cool Barack Obama of favoring a socialist economic policy by supporting tax cuts and tax credits McCain said would shuffle wealth rather… read full story

Obama: Big Print Edge

18 October 2008 |permalink | email article

The endorsement season has exploded and, according to Editor and Publisher, Obama has atttracted the support of nearly three times as many newspapers as McCain.

Obama picked up the support of several major papers on Friday, notably the Chicago… read full story

Too Cute by Half

17 October 2008 |permalink | email article

A smiling John McCain at a Pennsylvania rally yesterday declared “Joe the Plumber” was the real winner of Wednesday’s debate to loud applause. It turns out that Joe, who McCain mentioned almost two dozen times in the debate, was… read full story

Obama Wins Again, No McCain Miracle

16 October 2008 |permalink | email article

The last of 49 presidential debates over two years ended last night on Long Island with both candidates waging the most spirited of their three encounters.

An energized McCain, with the race slipping away, gave his best performance… read full story

The Last Debate

15 October 2008 |permalink | email article

The 90-minute focus is on domestic policy issues, McCain’s weakness, and occurs as polls show Obama improving in both national and key battleground states. The candidates will be seated during the 90-minutes. CBS’ Bob Schieffer is the moderator and… read full story

Electoral Vote: McCain Far Short

14 October 2008 |permalink | email article

Three weeks until Election Day, Obama holds more than a 100-vote lead in NBC’s latest electoral map. He leads McCain 264 to 163, with 111 votes in the toss-up column and 270 needed to win the White House.

The… read full story

It’s the Derivatives, Stupid!

13 October 2008 |permalink | email article

As European countries temporarily guarantee bank financing to ease the credit crunch, the Treasury Department’s stunning rescue turnabout on the issue of buying stock in banks after the administration’s reluctance to do so, gathers steam, partially nationalizing the industry.

read full story

Scandals Make History

12 October 2008 |permalink | email article

Washington Monthly’s Political Animal blog reports the McCain/Palin Republican ticket is the first in American history in which both candidates were found to have violated ethics standards before a national election.

McCain was admonished by the Senate Ethics Committee… read full story

Decision 2008

11 October 2008 |permalink | email article

Quote of the Day

“People speak of the Bradley effect—more people tell pollsters they will vote for a black candidate than vote for the black candidate. But I have been wondering about the possibility of what may someday be… read full story

Race and the Presidency

11 October 2008 |permalink | email article

The Associated Press surfaced the issue a few weeks ago with the clear implication that Barack Obama might be denied the presidency because of his skin color.

With Obama now edging further ahead in national polls and the… read full story

McCain: The New Bob Dole?

09 October 2008 |permalink | email article

Not well known is that in 1996 John McCain was Bob Dole’ right-hand man in the Kansas Republican senator’s battle to unseat President Bill Clinton.

At the time it was Dole’s to lose because Clinton was caught up in… read full story

Obama Sweep, No Game Changer

08 October 2008 |permalink | email article

John McCain’s goal in last night’s 90-minute debate in Nashville was, as the Atlantic’s Marc Ambinder noted, to put in play the McCain Resurgence Strategy to turn his failing campaign around.

Down by double digits in key battleground… read full story

Round Two: Gloves Off

07 October 2008 |permalink | email article

Tonight’s presidential debate between McCain and Obama in Nashville, Tenn. has a town hall format, long the Arizona senator’s comfortable venue but one that may prove the Illinois senator is surprisingly nimble.

Moderated by former NBC news anchor… read full story

Keating Five Scandal, McCain Role

06 October 2008 |permalink | email article

Barack Obama launches a multimedia campaign today to draw attention to John McCain’s role in the famous “Keating Five” savings and loan scandal of 1989-91, which badly damaged his public image for years.

Politico reported late last night that… read full story

McCain’s Medical Records

05 October 2008 |permalink | email article

While the economy dominates the presidential campaign a divergent approach to health care for the public has become a hot-button issue between Barack Obama and John McCain.

One important sidebar in terms of general health emerged Friday when… read full story

Predicting Nov. 4 Winner

04 October 2008 |permalink | email article

Rasmussen Reports latest “futures market” prediction which reflect the percentage likelihood of a candidate winning:

2008 Presidential Election
Obama 67.8
McCain 32.3

Obama 57.8
McCain 43.3

Obama 89.8
McCain 10.0

Ohio read full story

Reagan and Palin

04 October 2008 |permalink | email article

Closing remarks by Palin in the debate with Biden suggest her attitude about health care in America:

“It was Ronald Reagan who said that freedom is always just one generation away from extinction. We don’t pass it to… read full story

Biden Wins, Palin Surprises

03 October 2008 |permalink | email article

Conventional wisdom was Biden would commit some gaffes and be overbearing while Palin would come across as an airhead out of her league. Instead, the assessments were inaccurate and it turned into a civil debate.

A smiling Biden was… read full story

McCain’s Moment of Truth

02 October 2008 |permalink | email article

Tonight’s Biden-Palin debate in St. Louis aside, John McCain is falling behind and the race for the White House, no longer dead even, indicates gains for Obama including Florida, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

McCain’s new game-changer strategy remains unclear.

That… read full story

No. 1 Fear

01 October 2008 |permalink | email article

The economy, not surprisingly, remains the dominant issue in the presidential campaign between Barack Obama and John McCain five weeks before Election Day.

Concerns about economic prospects continue to lift Obama’s campaign. A new Washington Post-ABC News poll found… read full story

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