Mortgage Bonfire, Clueless Bush

29 December 2008 |permalink | email article

President Bush had this entrenched notion about an ‘Ownership Society,’ that Americans thrive when they own their own home, coupled with an absolute conviction that markets do best when left alone and with government regulation decreased.

The New… read full story

Krugman’s Message For Obama

28 December 2008 |permalink | email article

President-elect Obama, like FDR during the Great Depression, has understood the need to create a federal economic stimulus package to both create and preserve jobs in an economy which has tanked.

FDR’s problem was that after 1937 he drastically… read full story

Holiday Green

26 December 2008 |permalink | email article

Once baseball was a game. Now, as the fear of a major recession grows, it’s about the color of money, or moneyball, as played by the New York Yankees.

The Yankees have signed three free agents for more… read full story

FBI: Madoff Probes and More

24 December 2008 |permalink | email article

Terror threats remain a major concern but the FBI, in a stunning development, has engaged in “triage,” taking agents off that beat and other crimes to respond to a cascade of financial frauds such as the alleged Bernard Madoff… read full story

CBK: After Clinton?

22 December 2008 |permalink | email article

Caroline Bouvier Kennedy, 51, is moving fast to convince both Democrats and strong rivals with famous political names she has the ‘right stuff’ to succeed Hillary Clinton as the junior U.S. Senator from New York.

In just days since… read full story

No ‘Play to Pay’

21 December 2008 |permalink | email article

Aides to President-elect Obama will release a report this week absolving incoming White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel of any impropriety in his contacts with disgraced Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich.

The report would appear to confirm earlier comments… read full story

Least We Forget

20 December 2008 |permalink | email article

President Bush, in yet another of his exit interviews, lamented the fact this week that the farther the nation gets away from the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the harder it is “for people to see the connection between Al Qaeda… read full story

C42’s Charity: A Question of Transparency

19 December 2008 |permalink | email article

The Obama-Biden Presidential Transition Team on Dec. 18 made available to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) entered into with the William J. Clinton Foundation and the Office of the President-Elect on Dec. 12.

“This… read full story

Protector of Obama’s message

18 December 2008 |permalink | email article

The New York Times Magazine will publish a long profile of Obama press secretary Robert Gibbs this Sunday. It’s flattering and indicative of how protective he is of the message of the soon-to-be president.

Written by Mark Leibovich, the… read full story

Feinstein Up, Becerra Out

17 December 2008 |permalink | email article

Two significant political developments involving California Democrats, Sen. Dianne Feinstein and Rep. Xavier Becerra, took place on Tuesday.

Feinstein was named chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, a post that will give her immense clout over U.S. Intelligence agencies… read full story

Last Hurrah, Almost

16 December 2008 |permalink | email article

That George W. Bush ducked shoes thrown at him during his final visit to Iraq, a sign of great contempt in Arab culture, may be a footnote to history. But his legacy as president is tied to Iraq, one… read full story

Auto Bailout War: North vs. South

15 December 2008 |permalink | email article

Failure of hard-core, anti-union Southern Republican senators to support a White House-backed automobile industry rescue may square with angry public sentiment against a bailout but the revolt has potentially devastating consequences for the party, especially in much of the… read full story

McCain Rebukes GOP for Obama Hit

14 December 2008 |permalink | email article

The Blagojevich play-for-pay Senate scandal has been poorly handled by President-elect Obama even though special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald specifically exonerated him from any wrong doing.

To be blunt Obama’s talk about his commitment to transparency badly missed the mark.

read full story

A Parable for Our Time

14 December 2008 |permalink | email article

Clint Eastwood’s acclaimed new film, “Gran Turino,” in which he stars and directs, is about the story of a former autoworker in Detroit who’s just buried his wife and leads a reclusive existence until the outside world creeps in… read full story

Obama: Poll Shows Huge Goodwill

12 December 2008 |permalink | email article

The political world remains focused on the Blagojevich scandal but average Americans are more concerned about how a major recession, job security, layoffs may affect their lives.

That’s why a new NBC/’Wall Street Journal poll, as President-elect prepares to… read full story

Blago Scandal: Big Obama Risks

11 December 2008 |permalink | email article

The joke in Illinois about the perfectly coiffed Rod Blagojevich, under arrest on charges of conspiracy and soliciting bribes in a scheme to sell President-elect Barack Obama’s vacated Senate seat is, “What did you expect? He’s an Illinois governor.”

read full story

U.S. Auto Industry Doomed?

10 December 2008 |permalink | email article

Paul Krugman, the Nobel economics prize winner, receives his $1.4 million award today at a ceremony in Stockholm. On Sunday he offered reporters a chilling assessment that the beleaguered U.S. auto industry will likely disappear.

“It will do so… read full story

Biden and History

09 December 2008 |permalink | email article

The United States has had 46 vice presidents since John Adams served under President George Washington from 1789-97.

But when Joseph Biden is sworn in Jan. 20 as the 47th vice president he will make history. As an Irish… read full story

Linda Douglass Inaugural Contact

08 December 2008 |permalink | email article

The veteran journalist, who began her career as a political reporter on Los Angeles television in 1974 at KCBS, later was KNBC’s political editor and went on to achieve more success in Washington, is the spokeswoman for the Presidential… read full story

Quote of the Day

07 December 2008 |permalink | email article

“(Obama) should both reorder the Department of Homeland Security, that hopeless bureaucracy, and change its name. Homeland is a Nazi-ish word, not an American concept at all. And at this point,”Homeland Security” is associated more with pointless harassment than… read full story

Brokaw Hands Off Baton

07 December 2008 |permalink | email article

After today’s exclusive taped interview on “Meet the Press” with President-elect Obama, Tom Brokaw announced this was his “last Sunday” and fast rising NBC News star David Gregory would succeed Tim Russert.

As reported for days in the mainstream… read full story

Obama Unveils New New Deal

07 December 2008 |permalink | email article

Barney Frank, suggesting Obama has not been aggressive enough on the bailout and jobs creation issue, quipped, “We have only one president at a time. I’m afraid that overstates the number of presidents we have.”

The President-elect, in his… read full story

LA’s Gregory “Meet” Moderator

05 December 2008 |permalink | email article

David Gregory, long a rising star and the network’s longtime chief White House correspondent, will be the new moderator of “Meet the Press,” one of television’s most prized franchises.

After the death of the formidable Tim Russert in… read full story

42 is available, too

04 December 2008 |permalink | email article

The former president told CNN International that he’s open to the possibility of a role in the Obama administration but said he otherwise plans to be deferential to both the president and Hillary Clinton, his wife, soon to become… read full story

43: Clueless on Recession?

03 December 2008 |permalink | email article

Lame-duck George W. Bush was unusually reflective in interviews with ABC’s Charlie Gibson aboard Marine One and at Camp David, calling intelligence failures in Iraq the “biggest regret” of his presidency.

But since Monday’s disclosure by the National Bureau… read full story

State to President?

02 December 2008 |permalink | email article

Some true believers think that Bill and Hillary Clinton will never abandon their remote dream of a White House restoration despite a possible Obama presidency ending in 2016.

But American history does offer a narrow path for Clinton to… read full story

Clinton Redux

01 December 2008 |permalink | email article

Today’s announcement by President-elect Obama that Hillary Clinton will be Secretary of State was best summed up by Bob Woodward on CBS yesterday: “They’re never going away.” 

It was an unsubtle hint, with C42 finally agreeing to… read full story

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