Mitt vs. Barack, Meg carpetbombs

31 March 2010 |permalink | email article

An embarrassing blow back happened to Mitt Romney as he plots another run for president in 2012. It took place when the former Massachusetts governor compared his health care bill for the state to President Obama’s last month.… read full story

Legal marijuana: the next big thing?

30 March 2010 |permalink | email article

The California Secretary of State has certified The Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Act of 2010 for the November ballot. For obvious reasons sponsors choose the word “cannabis” because calling it the marijuana initiative carries a bad connotation with… read full story

Roman Catholic Scandal: Transparency Matters

29 March 2010 |permalink | email article

As Holy Week began in preparation for Easter, one of the most sacred weeks in Catholic calendar, Pope Benedict XVI faces intense pressure to address his role in handling sexual abuses over several years as the global scandal grows.… read full story

Immigrant bashing: Wilson, Whitman, Poizner

28 March 2010 |permalink | email article

The kerfluffle over illegal immigration reform has surfaced anew in this year’s California race for governor. Former Republican governor Pete Wilson’s successful advocacy of 1994’s anti-immigration Proposition 187 sealed his re-election bid. While nearly 59 percent of voters approved… read full story

Obama finds his groove

26 March 2010 |permalink | email article

Maureen Dowd nailed it in her New York Times column: “Until now, Obama has gotten irritated at those who cast Washington affairs in Manichean terms of strength or weakness and red or blue. He wanted to reason, to compromise,… read full story

Boehner, Palin and the politics of denial

25 March 2010 |permalink | email article

When will Republican Party leaders stand up and unequivocally condemn threats of violence against some Democratic members of the House when they return to their districts because they supported the health care overhaul bill? House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer,… read full story

Health care law: dramatic poll reversal

24 March 2010 |permalink | email article

Over the weekend there were credible indications that strong opposition to President Obama’s health care reform bill might be crumbling. And, sure enough, a Gallup/USA Today poll conducted a day after the health care legislation passed in the House… read full story

Poizner’s big gamble: bash illegals

23 March 2010 |permalink | email article

Steve Poizner, the California state insurance commissioner who trails Meg Whitman by almost 50 points for the Republican gubernatorial nomination in June, has a new TV ad aimed at the hard right conservative base of the party, and bashing… read full story

Historic health care vote, majority rules

22 March 2010 |permalink | email article

The House, after a year of intense partisan debate and every argument being heard, voted by 219-212 to overhaul the nation’s health care system and guarantee access to medical insurance for tens of millions of Americans.

It is the… read full story

Jerry Brown: the new populism

21 March 2010 |permalink | email article

With billionaire Republican businesswoman Meg Whitman taking a lead for the first time over Democratic Attorney General Jerry Brown for governor the rampant speculation has been about what strategy the two-term former California chief executive would follow to win… read full story

Health-care vote nears

19 March 2010 |permalink | email article

A preliminary Congressional Budget Office scoring, unveiled by top Democrats yesterday, clears the way for a House vote Sunday on a health care bill that will cut the federal deficit by $1.3 trillion over 20 years. The CBO estimates… read full story

Governor: Brown vs. Whitman

18 March 2010 |permalink | email article

A new nonpartisan Field Poll suggests that about less than three months before the June primary a California donnybrook is shaping up between Democratic attorney general Jerry Brown and Republican billionaire businesswoman Meg Whitman as a prequel to the… read full story

Is Barbara Boxer vulnerable?

17 March 2010 |permalink | email article

Among California Republicans defeating the 69-year-old, three-term Democrat who was first elected to the House in 1982 and the Senate a decade latter is a major priority. But it may not be easy. In all the fiery liberal collected… read full story

eMeg goal: fire 40,000 state workers

16 March 2010 |permalink | email article

Since last year Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman has made a studied point of saying that if elected she would chop the state’s workforce by 40,000 employees – back to 2004-2005 levels – a pledge she repeated at the… read full story

California GOP: extreme litmus test

15 March 2010 |permalink | email article

A predictable thing happened on the way to selecting Republican nominees in the June statewide elections. That much was in plain view during the party’s weekend convention in Santa Clara where, once again, the mantra was ideological purity.

For… read full story

Time for a simple majority budget?

12 March 2010 |permalink | email article

A bipartisan political reform group, California Forward, is pushing a wide-ranging package targeting the state’s bitter budget fight that would allow Sacramento lawmakers to pass budgets by a simple majority vote and will require them to forfeit pay if… read full story

Meg Whitman’s free media aversion

11 March 2010 |permalink | email article

This weekend’s Republican state convention in Santa Clara may test the skills of the billionaire former eBay chairman, leading in the race for the Republican gubernatorial nomination, about how to engage with the media. Here’s a clue: when she… read full story

Public Matters: A Debt to the Future

10 March 2010 |permalink | email article

Following World War II, there were two things that kept the U.S. budget deficit under control: the fiscal responsibility of the Republican Party (and conservative Democrats) and fear of inflation.

For Republicans, deficits were the greatest sin of government.… read full story

California: offshore drilling issue returns

09 March 2010 |permalink | email article

Once upon a time Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger was cool to the idea, but now he’s warming up, aided by the state’s nonpartisan budget analyst who says the state should resume drilling off the coast of Santa Barbara.

The governor… read full story

LAT: mixing editorial content with giant ads?

08 March 2010 |permalink | email article

Last Friday hundreds of thousands Los Angeles Times readers were startled to see on the entire first page an ad that looked, in part, like the entire front page of the newspaper. In fact, it was the latest attempt… read full story

On Iraq Bush ignored Reagan dictum

07 March 2010 |permalink | email article

Karl Rove’s new memoir, to be published Tuesday, suggests that President Bush probably would not have invaded Iraq had he known there were no unconventional weapons there. He adds: “So then, did Bush lie us into war? Absolutely not,”… read full story

Proposition 13: Brown vs. Whitman?

05 March 2010 |permalink | email article

Back in the spring of 1978, as veteran L.A. Times Sacramento columnist George Skelton recalled this week, young Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown and old anti-tax crusader Howard Jarvis squared off over perhaps the most important ballot initiative in the… read full story

GOP plays fear card, Tom Friedman at LAX

04 March 2010 |permalink | email article

POLITICO has obtained a confidential Republican National Committee fundraising presentation for this election cycle which outlines an aggressive campaign capitalizing on “fear” of President Obama and a promise to save the country from trending toward socialism.

The document… read full story

Jerry Brown: ready to lead again

03 March 2010 |permalink | email article

He made it official in a taped video message on his Oakland headquarters website that he has the experience and “the knowledge” to put California back on track again. “What we need is not a scripted plan, cooked up… read full story

Democrats: health care now or never

02 March 2010 |permalink | email article

The majority party is nearing the zero hour to pass a comprehensive reform bill. “Time’s up, yes. So we really have to go forth. What’s the point of talking any longer,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told ABC’s “This Week”… read full story

Meg Whitman: is fiscal savvy enough?

01 March 2010 |permalink | email article

She has finally come in from the cold. The former eBay CEO and early front runner for the Republican gubernatorial nomination, after shunning California political reporters for over a year, gave her first major interview last week. ‘Hat tip’… read full story

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