Whitman: Too Cute By Half?

30 September 2010 |permalink | email article

The headline in today’s Los Angeles Times reads: “Whitman admits using undocumented immigrant as housekeeper.” But the Republican candidate for governor “insisted she was unaware of the woman’s immigration status”.

In her debate with Democratic candidate Jerry Brown on… read full story

Goodbye Rahm Emanuel; Glenn Beck/Fox

30 September 2010 |permalink | email article

THE long controversial White House Chief of Staff is about to head back to Chicago and seek the seat of long time Mayor Richard M. Daley who announced he will not seek another term. It’s good riddance, and a… read full story

Meg vs. Jerry: No Clear Winner

29 September 2010 |permalink | email article

In the first of their three major debates last night Whitman came across as a grinning, over scripted Cheshire Cat. She held her own in often struggling to demonstrate her command of public policy.  Brown was too verbose but… read full story

Jerry vs. Meg: Mano a Mano

28 September 2010 |permalink | email article

Democrat Brown and Republican Whitman face off tonight in Sacramento, the first in a series of three gubernatorial debates before the November election. Their resumes could not be more different. He’s a veteran politician and a former two-governor who… read full story

Marijuana Legalization: Voter Flip-Flop?

27 September 2010 |permalink | email article

A new Field Poll, in a stunning shift of sentiment, suggests nearly half of California’s likely voters now want to legalize marijuana use in the state. The poll’s director, Mark DiCamillo, said the numbers have flipped since a July… read full story

GOP leadership fumble; Field Poll update

26 September 2010 |permalink | email article

No surprise Democrats gave thumbs down to last week’s House Republican ploy to win control of Congress with their “Pledge to America.” The stunner was the negative reaction within various segments of the party opposite. Most revealing was the… read full story

The GOP’s bad ideas

24 September 2010 |permalink | email article

Republicans unveiled their “Pledge to America” Thursday, suggesting it will be their agenda for governing if they retake the House of Representatives in November – an attempted replay of the “Contract with America” the GOP put forth when it… read full story

Senate: GOP Odds Slim; Dems’ Pacific Firewall

23 September 2010 |permalink | email article

The New York Times’ FiveThirtyEight forecasting model on the first day of Autumn assigns Republicans an 18 percent chance of emerging with at least 51 Senate seats following the November 2 elections, up from 15 percent last week. Nate… read full story

Parsing Meg, SEIU Backs Pot Prop

22 September 2010 |permalink | email article

Despite her record breaking expenditures the former eBay CEO remains unable to knock out Jerry Brown in the final six weeks of the gubernatorial campaign. I think her former mentor may have a point.

Pierre Omidyar, who created… read full story

Whitman: Which Way on Prop. 23?

21 September 2010 |permalink | email article

Proposition 23, which would suspend California’s landmark climate change law signed by Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2006, and aims to reduce carbon emissions to 1990’s level by 2020 is under savage attack by Republicans and the oil industry… read full story

Tax Increase, Small Business Hit?

20 September 2010 |permalink | email article

One of the most heated arguments involving Congress and the Bush administration is over whether to let the Bush tax cuts expire for the wealthy, and how a tax increase would affect hundreds of thousands of small businesses across… read full story

What is Meg Whitman’s problem?

19 September 2010 |permalink | email article

In an astonishing display of both arrogance and chutzpah the billionaire Republican gubernatorial candidate has turned down an invitation from the San Francisco Chronicle’s editorial board, political reporter Carla Marinucci wrote Friday. Whitman is the first statewide candidate in… read full story

Tax Cut Debate Favors Democrats

17 September 2010 |permalink | email article

All the analysis suggests the unfolding Bush era tax-cut issue can work strongly to help Democrats, down by 7 points in the congressional test ballot, and define the choice in the midterm elections. It’s a debate Democrats should want,… read full story

Midterms: Opportunities for Both Parties

16 September 2010 |permalink | email article

A New York Times/CBS News poll released late Wednesday as the general election phase of the midterm campaign begins suggests Republicans are backed by two powerful currents: the highest number of voters in two decades want their own member… read full story

Clinton Backs Brown, Lifts Statewide Ticket

15 September 2010 |permalink | email article

Former President Bill Clinton said Tuesday he is endorsing Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown, brushing aside a flip personal slight to aid Brown’s tight battle against Republican Meg Whitman.

The swift, and unexpectedly generous endorsement came a day after… read full story

Brown: Gaffe and Mea Culpa

14 September 2010 |permalink | email article

A Meg Whitman TV ad featuring Bill Clinton attacking Jerry Brown in one of their 1992 presidential campaign debates could play a major part in deciding the tight race between the billionaire Republican and the Democratic Atty. General.

read full story

Meg Whitman: Are Her Millions Enough?

13 September 2010 |permalink | email article

NBC’s David Gregory asked Mike Murphy, Whitman’s senior Republican gubernatorial consultant, Sunday on “Meet the Press” why having spent over 100 million dollars the billionaire has been unable to destroy Democratic Attorney General Jerry Brown, seeking a third term… read full story

Newt Gingrich: An Eye for an Eye

12 September 2010 |permalink | email article

Democrats should focus fora brief moment on Newt Gingrich, not Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and their surreal crowd. The reason is this: the former House Speaker, who thinks he’s presidential material, is the latest to attack plans to build… read full story

Beck Channels 1930’s Era Invective

10 September 2010 |permalink | email article

Glenn Beck may think his recent successful “Restoring America” rally in Washington earns him part of the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. But as Bloomberg News columnist Albert R. Hunt wrote he has far more in common with… read full story

Mid-Terms: Obama as Reagan ‘82

09 September 2010 |permalink | email article

The conventional wisdom, spurred on by doomsday headlines, is Barack Obama’s approval rating could spell disaster for the Democrats in the 2010 mid-term elections and possible loss of the House of Representatives. But such judgments may be premature. Only… read full story

Obama’s Gut-Level Economy Shift

08 September 2010 |permalink | email article

The President has finally reminded himself why he ran and recalled what Dr. King famously called the “fierce urgency of now.” He’s admitted the danger of being too late, aware “that hour is almost here,” and the need, as… read full story

Big Money Fix: Whitman, Koch Brothers

07 September 2010 |permalink | email article

It’s stunning enough that billionaire non-voter and political novice Meg Whitman wants to buy the governor’s office by giving $104 million to her campaign for TV ads, direct mail, a Web presence, scores of outside political consultants and a… read full story

Labor Day 2010

06 September 2010 |permalink | email article

“If any man tells you he loves America, yet hates labor, he is a liar. If any man tells you he trusts America, yet fears labor, he is a fool.”

Abraham Lincoln

read full story

Paul Conrad

05 September 2010 |permalink | email article

The death Saturday of Conrad, 86, a political cartoonist who for more than half a century used a sharp pen in simple pen-and-ink drawings to spare no public figures and expose pomposity, will be remembered as an iconic presence… read full story

Flash: “Mama Grizzly” Loses Her Cool

03 September 2010 |permalink | email article

The former Alaska governor can dish it out, but the emergent question is whether or not she can take any serious criticism. Appearing on Sean Hannity’s radio program Wednesday – the same day that the devastating Vanity Fair profile… read full story

Palin in 2012? Vanity Fair Expose

02 September 2010 |permalink | email article

The Republican Party of Iowa said that Sarah Palin has accepted an invitation to headline the Republican Party’s annual Ronald Reagan fundraising dinner in Des Moines on Sept. 17. It’s her first major speaking appearance in the state and… read full story

Page Turner, Real Economic Pivot?

01 September 2010 |permalink | email article

President Obama, in his prime-time address to the nation from the Oval Office, declared an end to the seven-year war in Iraq, saying that the United States had met its responsibilities and that “now, it’s time to turn the… read full story

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