Fear and Loathing

29 October 2010 |permalink | email article

The most revolutionary poll data I’ve seen suggests most Americans don’t have much use for either of the major political parties and think it would be better to dump the entire Congress on Election Day comes from Rasmussen Reports.… read full story

Obama: The politics of incitement

28 October 2010 |permalink | email article

Is hate driving the midterm elections? John Avlon, a senior political columnist for The Daily Beast, writes that just two years into his term, some 46 books demonizing the president have been published. “It’s also evidence that the Obama… read full story

Election ‘10: Assessing public’s mood

27 October 2010 |permalink | email article

What are Americans’ views on the midterm elections? A new ABC News/Yahoo News poll asked and the response was there are not enough good choices. [Just] 19 percent of Americans feel there are at least a good amount of… read full story

Tea Party: Impact on ‘12

26 October 2010 |permalink | email article

The Wall Street Journal had a front pager Monday suggesting that the tea-party movement is forcing possible Republican presidential candidates in 2012 to make early and potentially risky decisions on how to both use and control the movement.

read full story

Juan Williams, NPR and Fox News

25 October 2010 |permalink | email article

A conflict that has long existed for both enterprising and multitasking journalists has become a classic media controversy. It involves Juan Williams, an award winning Washington Post reporter from 1976-2000, who during that time was also a panelist on… read full story

General McChrystal: in from the cold

24 October 2010 |permalink | email article

Speaking Saturday at The Daily Beast’s Innovators Summit Conference in New Orleans Gen. Stanley McChrystal made his first public comments on military and foreign-policy matters since being relieved of command.

His most revealing comments in an onstage interview… read full story

Is fiscal austerity now in vogue?

23 October 2010 |permalink | email article

The new British budget announced on Wednesday and the rhetoric and the announcement that accompanied it caught the attention of Paul Krugman, the New York Times columnist and Nobel laureate. It suggested to him it might have come directly… read full story

California: Why GOP candidates fail

22 October 2010 |permalink | email article

A Finding by the nonpartisan Public Policy Institute of California poll suggests an enduring problem for Republican candidates in the state. Candidates Meg Whitman, running for governor, and Carly Fiorina, seeking a U.S. Senate seat, both lack any political… read full story

Brown leads Whitman; Boxer over Carly

21 October 2010 |permalink | email article

Poll results released by the Public Policy Institute of California late last night show that Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown has opened up an eight–point lead over Republican Meg Whitman. The large statewide survey if 1,067 likely voters showed… read full story

The tax cut most Americans missed

20 October 2010 |permalink | email article

A little noticed national story, but reported by the New York Times, went like this: “What if a president cut Americans’ income taxes by $116 billion and nobody noticed?” A half-dozen guests at a barbecue-fed rally organized last week… read full story

Tom Brokaw: midterms; two forgotten wars

19 October 2010 |permalink | email article

The special correspondent for NBC News, in a New York Times op-ed, asked an important question “Why aren’t Iraq and Afghanistan campaign issues? He referenced what promises to be the most contentious midterm election since 1994, despite no shortage… read full story

Senate GOP, Nobel Prize in economics

18 October 2010 |permalink | email article

Last week three academics who developed groundbreaking ideas that help explain why unemployment remains so stubbornly high in the U.S. and other developed nations won this year’s Nobel Prize in economics.

Peter Diamond, 70, a renowned professor of economics… read full story

House battleground polls: Dems not dead yet

17 October 2010 |permalink | email article

Results of a final poll conducted by the bipartisan team of Greenberg Quinlan Rosner and Public Opinion Strategies which should get the attention of analysts and partisans before closing the final chapter of Campaign 2010.

1. Republicans are now… read full story

Senate races offer Democrats hope

15 October 2010 |permalink | email article

Is the momentum shifting in the battle for the U.S. Senate? The Note, ABC News’ weekday backgrounder, suggests that as the playing field expands in the House, polls are now showing Democrats looking better in Connecticut, Washington State, Nevada,… read full story

NOW backs off Brown firing demand

14 October 2010 |permalink | email article

The kerfluffle involving a Jerry Brown staffer who called Meg Whitman a “whore” for pandering to law enforcement groups has continued to haunt the Democratic gubernatorial candidate’s campaign. The National Organization of Women was among many not satisfied with… read full story

Fiorina: Palin To The Rescue?

13 October 2010 |permalink | email article

Conservative Republican Carly Fiorina, trailing Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer in public opinion polls, is counting on Sarah Palin to give her a closing bounce three weeks before the Nov. 2 election. The former Alaska governor will be in California… read full story

The Final Debate: Who Wins?

12 October 2010 |permalink | email article

Tom Brokaw will moderate tonight’s final Brown-Whitman statewide debate at Dominican University in San Rafael. The veteran NBC broadcaster and sole questioner may be the only adult on stage if the bitter rivals continue their razor-sharp jabs.

Brokaw, 70,… read full story

Eric Cantor: GOP Whip Asleep On Nazi Issue

11 October 2010 |permalink | email article

No thinking American should be surprised The Atlantic has uncovered a Republican congressional nominee posing in a Nazi SS Waffen uniform which surfaced online this weekend.

Rich Iott, a Tea Party favorite who seeks to unseat Democrat Marcy… read full story

Mid-Terms: GOP Clueless, Extreme

08 October 2010 |permalink | email article

A closer look at the House Republicans’ recent “Pledge to America” appeals to GOP hardliners and tea party vigilantes. But the supposedly deficit-reducing plan calls for trillions of dollars’ worth of specific tax cuts, but only $100 billion of… read full story

October Surprise?

07 October 2010 |permalink | email article

A new poll by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner suggests the 2010 election can move to a new place. It shows Democrats with a 6-point deficit – and any shift will have a significant impact on the number of House seats… read full story

Tea Party, Religious Right: New Bedfellows?

06 October 2010 |permalink | email article

A new poll suggests that half of those who consider themselves part of the tea party movement also identify as part of the religious right. As published by the Washington Post it reflects a complex – and sometimes contradictory… read full story

Christine O’Donnell Is No Witch

05 October 2010 |permalink | email article

THE surprise Republican Senate nominee of Delaware has made a number of bizarre claims in recent years which have turned her into a national joke over such issues as masturbation, witchcraft and, yes, evolution. The Associated Press, in a… read full story

Obama 2012: West Wing Shuffle

04 October 2010 |permalink | email article

POLITICO reported Saturday Democratic insiders are taking the temperature among party heavyweight donors of naming White House press secretary Robert Gibbs as chairman of the Democratic National Committee leading into President Obama’s reelection bid.

Under a possible scenario, Tim… read full story

Jerry Trips Meg On Illegal Immigrant Issue

03 October 2010 |permalink | email article

ILLEGAL immigration dominated the second gubernatorial debate between Republican Whitman and Democratic Brown in Fresno over a pivotal campaign issue aired in Spanish by Univision.

Whitman’s goal was to use the debate to court Latino voters and independents in… read full story

Whitmangate: Rivals Clash in Debate

02 October 2010 |permalink | email article

The first question asked today in Fresno between Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown, broadcast in Spanish by Univision and aimed at Hispanic voters in the state, was posted by John Ellis of the Fresno Bee at 11:30 a.m. It… read full story

2011: Obama and Colin Powell?

01 October 2010 |permalink | email article

Bob Woodward, promoting “Obama’ Wars,” his new book about the young president as commander in chief, dropped what could be a credible hint to “Hardball” host Chris Matthews on MSNBC yesterday. It had to do with the possibility Secretary… read full story

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