Odds do not favorite bipartisan spirit

30 November 2010 |permalink | email article

President Obama meets today with a bipartisan group of Congressional leaders, including incoming House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell with lots to talk about. Both sides are trying to look for an agreement on extending… read full story

Palin: Support Limited Anong Well-Educated GOP

29 November 2010 |permalink | email article

As she weighs a presidential run in 2012 how realistic are Palin’s chances to win the Republican nomination? Her populist rhetoric appeals to working class folks and tea partiers. She never misses a chance to attack media elites, the… read full story

Palin’s “Alaska” Ratings Plunge

24 November 2010 |permalink | email article

On the day Mama Grizzly launched her 16-stop cross-country tour to promote her new book, “America by Heart: Reflections on Faith, Family and Flag,” Sara Palin got a wake-up call. Or better yet, a sign she’s perhaps a future… read full story

Debt limit crisis, GOP House brawl

23 November 2010 |permalink | email article

Paul Krugman, the Nobel laureate, writes about raising the legal limit to federal debt which must be raised periodically if the government keeps running deficits.  He notes that the limit will be reached again this spring.  And since not… read full story

California GOP: An incurable Latino problem

22 November 2010 |permalink | email article

The near term prospects of the Republican Party in California, in the wake of a Los Angeles Times/USC poll following November’s electoral drubbing, appear slim to none. GOP candidates have lost all statewide offices, and with the apparent defeat… read full story

TSA, exempt pilots, Pelosi

21 November 2010 |permalink | email article

The Transportation Security Administration last week decided to allow uniformed airline plots skip body scans and pat-downs that have provoked a national outcry. Besides, it’s discriminatory. Flight attendants and their unions have argued that they should also be allowed… read full story

Probing Palin’s World

19 November 2010 |permalink | email article

The must-read in the Sunday’s New York Times magazine takes readers deep into Mama Grizzly’s inner-circle and reveals the resigned Alaska governor’s decision-making process about running for president in 2012. Asked by writer Robert Draper in an interview whether… read full story

House: Demo rejection, no GOP mandate

18 November 2010 |permalink | email article

A new Politico poll suggests the midterms not only dealt a big shock to Democrats but also sent a message to President Obama. The data suggests that only 26 percent of the public believes he will be reelected in… read full story

Just say no to Nancy Reagan

17 November 2010 |permalink | email article

Hugh Hewitt, the right-winger with a national radio show and a Washington Examiner column, is not happy with Nancy Reagan. With due respect he’s upset with her proposal that the first Republican debate of the 2012 season be held… read full story

McConnell caves to Tea Party on earmarks

16 November 2010 |permalink | email article

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, a longtime champion on earmarks, stunned official Washington and surrendered to earmark detractors, saying he would support a two-year ban on pet projects. It was the first big test of his authority by the… read full story

Brown: tax increases last resort?

15 November 2010 |permalink | email article

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, a hapless lame-duck, has challenged legislators to chop billions more from the state budget in yet another special session beginning Dec. 6 when new lawmakers are sworn in. But all eyes will be on Democratic Gov.-elect… read full story

Reagan Library: first 2012 GOP debate

12 November 2010 |permalink | email article

A quick segue from the midterm elections to the rapid start of the 2012 presidential election season seems almost too cute by half. But Politico and NBC News kicked it off in announcing Thursday they’ll be hosting the first… read full story

Jerry Brown’s Herculean challenge

11 November 2010 |permalink | email article

The governor-elect better enjoy his brief vacation in Arizona this week. It may be his last for a long while after a visit to the state Capitol last week when he was informed by Department of Finance officials that… read full story

Noonan on Palin and Reagan

10 November 2010 |permalink | email article

Peggy Noonan, the gifted conservative and Wall Street Journal columnist, noted that anti-big government feeling and insurgent anger contributed to the Republican victory last week – and that some of the most tea-partyish candidates, endorsed by Sarah Palin, were… read full story

What Obama could learn from FDR

09 November 2010 |permalink | email article

Robert Reich, a public policy professor at UC Berkeley, poses an interesting question: which lesson will the president learn – Clinton in 1996, or FDR in 1936? The former U.S. Secretary of Labor was there when Clinton was re-elected… read full story

Nancy Pelosi: Vindication in ‘12?

08 November 2010 |permalink | email article

The House Speaker’s assertion, after the political hurricane that routed her Democratic majority, is Congress had one of the most productive periods in recent times, adding Democrats have nothing to apologize for, nothing to be ashamed of, and nothing… read full story

Olbermann responds

07 November 2010 |permalink | email article

Greetings From Exile! A quick, overwhelmed, stunned THANK YOU for support that feels like a global hug & obviously left me tweetless.

Flash: MSNBC just announced [at 6:15 PM (PST)] Olbermann’s suspension is over and he will rejoin the… read full story

Obermann Suspension: TV Journalism Test

07 November 2010 |permalink | email article

The backlash against NBC’s decision Friday to indefinitely suspend Keith Olbermann without pay because his employer, MSNBC, discovered he made contributions to three Democrats last month has created a justifiable firestorm not only among media personalities, reporters but even… read full story

No Party’s Mission: Remove Obama ‘12

05 November 2010 |permalink | email article

Despite pledges of cooperation between President Obama and newly empowered Republican leaders to work together in a newly divided government there was little yielding on deep policy differences. Mitch McConnell, the Republican minority leader, said “their view is we… read full story

Nancy Pelosi on her future

04 November 2010 |permalink | email article

As the New York Times reported, she was re-elected to Congress on Tuesday and her time as Speaker of the House is almost over. But she’s not tipping her hand yet. Asked about it, possibly as House minority leader,… read full story

Big GOP win; California bucks tide

03 November 2010 |permalink | email article

Voters have sent another national message and for the third election in a row Americans kicked a political party out of power. Barack Obama, the apostle of change, has become its target, engulfed as the New York Times put… read full story

Reagan’s first term offers Obama ‘12 path

02 November 2010 |permalink | email article

As Tom Brokaw noted on “Meet the Press” there are lessons and inspiration that President Obama can learn from Ronald Reagan’s first term in office. The argument goes that if the Gipper could survive a deep recession, low approval… read full story

Jon Stewart’s media critique

01 November 2010 |permalink | email article

The Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear rally Saturday in Washington on the National Mall and hosted by comedian Jon Stewart of Comedy Central alongside Stephen Colbert was important for two reasons. The event drew a far larger audience… read full story

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