Palin’s Rogue Tour

31 May 2011 |permalink | email article

Over the Memorial Day holiday, and on different networks, John McCain, who lost the 2008 election, and Mitch Daniels, who decided family was more important than winning the Republican presidential nomination, reached the same conclusion: President Obama is beatable… read full story

Romney: The Art of Contradiction

30 May 2011 |permalink | email article

The political wisdom, notably among Republicans, is that Mitt Romney must distance himself from “Romneycare – the Massachusetts health care law that is often sighted as a model for the health care law signed into law by President Obama… read full story

White House Dreaming: Where’s The Beef?

29 May 2011 |permalink | email article

While Mama Grizzly embarks on her patriotic bus tour through the Northeast to reacquaint us with Civil War battlefields at Gettysburg and Antietam and the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia polls indicate the list of potential front runners for the… read full story

Gallup and State Polls Show Contrasts

27 May 2011 |permalink | email article

A new Gallup Poll shows Mitt Romney (17%) and Sarah Palin (15%) leading a shrunken field of potential Republican presidential candidates. Ron Paul gets 15%, followed by Newt Gingrich with 9%, and Herman Cain at 8%.two points ahead of… read full story

Tea Party Diva: Channeling Reagan?

26 May 2011 |permalink | email article

All signs point to Sarah Palin gearing up to seek the Republican presidential nomination. Buying a house in Scottsdale, Ariz. is one indication that the former Alaska governor, who abdicated a with a year and half left in her… read full story

Medicare, Medicare, Medicare

25 May 2011 |permalink | email article

Democrats scored a major upset Tuesday in one of New York’s most conservative districts, dealing a hammer blow to the national Republican Party in a race which overwhelmingly turned on the party’s plan to overhaul Medicare. The result will… read full story

Justices: Cut State Prison Population

24 May 2011 |permalink | email article

The Supreme Court ruled Monday that conditions in California’s overcrowded prisons violate the Eighth Amendment’s ban on cruel and unusual punishment, ordering the state to reduce its prison population by more than 30,000 inmates. State officials will have two… read full story

Ryan’s First Crucial Medicare Test

23 May 2011 |permalink | email article

In New York’s 26th District which is heavily Republican a special election takes place tomorrow which will highlight the two parties’ visions of government? What once appeared to be a shoo-in for GOP Assemblywoman Jane Corwin has now become… read full story

GOP 2012: Back BiBi, not 43, 44

22 May 2011 |permalink | email article

Republican presidential hopefuls outdid each other in criticizing President Barack Obama’s speech on the Middle East Thursday, accusing him of betraying Israel, America’s closest ally in the region with his call for a two-state solution to the long festering… read full story

Catholic Bishops, Ryan and Medicare

20 May 2011 |permalink | email article

As the House budget debate intensifies Catholic bishops are weighing in. Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan, president of the U.S. Conference of Bishops, sent Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan a letter Thursday commending his “continued attention” to Catholic social justice… read full story

Newt’s Run Nears Collapse

19 May 2011 |permalink | email article

Gingrich’s first bid for the White House is hanging by a thread even before his first real campaign trip to Iowa. Among Republicans he’s fighting to reassure the party faithful that his attack on “Meet the Press” about the… read full story

Arnold’s Fatal Flaw: Extreme Chutzpah

18 May 2011 |permalink | email article

The Los Angeles Times reported that former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and his wife, Maria Shriver, separated early this year after she learned that he had fathered a child more than a decade ago – before his first run… read full story

Trump’s Masquerade

17 May 2011 |permalink | email article

The Donald’s flirtation with a presidential bid ended in true Trump fashion. While he will not be a candidate this year he said that if he had run, he would have been able to win the primary and ultimately,… read full story

Newt’s Anti-Obama Obsession

16 May 2011 |permalink | email article

NBC’s Sunday “Meet the Press” kicked off its series of interviews with candidates for the Republican presidential nomination which will continue during the presidential campaign cycle. First up was former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich in his first… read full story

Huck Out, Race Quickens

15 May 2011 |permalink | email article

The former Arkansas governor who won the 2008 Iowa caucuses has opted not to seek the Republican presidential nomination in 2012 and instead continue his career as a broadcaster. Despite all the signs saying yes, “My heart said no.”… read full story

Boehner: Needs Of The Poor

13 May 2011 |permalink | email article

The House Speaker, an Ohio Republican who grew up in a Catholic family, will give the commencement address on Saturday at Catholic University of America in Washington, a prestigious setting because of its close affiliation with U.S. bishops, The… read full story

Romney: Health Care Game Changer?

12 May 2011 |permalink | email article

The problem for the Republican Party in terms of 2012 presidential election is that its presumed candidates are off to such bizarre starts. Take Mitt Romney. He’s embarked on a second White House bid and is trying to explain… read full story

Medicare Challenge in House Race

11 May 2011 |permalink | email article

A major House race is suddenly developing in a special election for a House seat in the suburbs of Buffalo. Republicans vastly out number Democrats, and the Republican candidate, Jane L. Corwin, a state assemblywoman, seemed to have it… read full story

Brown’s Uphill New Term

10 May 2011 |permalink | email article

Adam Nagourney, the New York Times bureau chief in Los Angeles, has been following the 39th and 34th governor of California around ever since he was worn in February as preparation for a lengthy profile in the Times’ Sunday… read full story

GOP Field: Alphonse and Gaston?

09 May 2011 |permalink | email article

At this point in the race for the Republican presidential nomination in 2008 the top tier of candidates had raised more than $50 million among them. By the end of the first quarter this year, as the New York… read full story

Rove Likes Electoral Math

06 May 2011 |permalink | email article

In the Wall Street Journal this week “Bush’s Brain” writes the odds look good for the GOP in the 2012 presidential election which he thinks will likely be decided in 14 states.

Rove’s dreaming that if Obama loses three… read full story

Paul Ryan’s Dubious Medicare Ploy

04 May 2011 |permalink | email article

Opposition to the Republican Congressman’s long-term budget-cutting plan has increased in recent weeks. By a near two-to-one margin, voters don’t like his proposal for tackling spiraling Medicare costs. A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 26% of… read full story

Bin Laden Killed: Who Dares Wins

03 May 2011 |permalink | email article

The Motto of the British Army’s famed Special Air Service, formed in 1941 to conduct raids behind German lines in North Africa, is “Who Dares Wins.” President Barack Obama reprised that phrase Sunday in the gutsiest call by any… read full story

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