Health Care Law Upheld: Big Win for Obama

30 June 2011 |permalink | email article

A Republican appointed federal judge for the first time - part of a three-judge circuit court panel – has ruled that the individual insurance mandate in President Obama’s health care law is constitutional. Judge Jeffrey Sutton, a conservative legal… read full story

Congress: National Debt Limit

29 June 2011 |permalink | email article

A breakthrough meeting between President Obama and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell ended in the same bipartisan impasse to resolve the debt limit crisis as in the past with a crucial Aug. 2 deadline near.

McConnell insists Republicans will… read full story

Winning the future: jobs not deficits

28 June 2011 |permalink | email article

About Barack Obama, Maureen Dowd wrote in her New York Times column: “our president likes to be on both sides at once, not leading the public but following it. “It is not enough to understand how everyone in the… read full story

Bachmann: hard queries about fiscal purity

27 June 2011 |permalink | email article

Michele Bachmann, the supposedly God chosen, upstart fiscal hawk and tea party leader, announces her candidacy for president today in Waterloo, Iowa, her birthplace.  She’s in a dead heat with Mitt Romney in a new Des Moines Register Iowa… read full story

Gingrich’s Black Pitch: Why Vote GOP

26 June 2011 |permalink | email article

Continuing to lose altitude in trying to win the Republican presidential nomination egghead Newt Gingrich’s grasp of political reality has reached new heights of loathing.

The former House Speaker, Talking Points Memo reported, thinks it’s time for the GOP… read full story

Gore to Obama: Action Now

24 June 2011 |permalink | email article

In his forthcoming 7,000 word piece in Rolling Stone, Climate of Denial, Al Gore criticizes President Obama for thus far having failed to use the bully pulpit for bold action on climate change.

Gore says the real power of… read full story

Obama Troop Cuts: The Economy, Stupid

22 June 2011 |permalink | email article

For my two cents plain President Obama and his administration came up
short in his 12-minute address to the nation Wednesday night. But he
really addressed only one subject, winding down the war in
Afghanistan. Not… read full story

Netroots Nation: Obama vs. Romney?

22 June 2011 |permalink | email article

A text messaging straw poll conducted over the weekend for progressive activists, journalists and bloggers at the Netroots conference in Minneapolis, with Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research and Democracy Corp., in partnership with Revolution Messaging, produced good news for Barack… read full story

Keith Olbermann’s Countdown Returns

21 June 2011 |permalink | email article

Described by The New York Times as America’s favorite hot taking head, Olbermann left MSNBC in a stormy huff, took five months to cool off and this week is back on television at Current TV, the obscure cable channel… read full story

Huntsman’s instant race:  Obama gamed?

20 June 2011 |permalink | email article

Jon M. Huntsman Jr. will face serious questions Tuesday when he formally declares his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination.  He insisted to the Los Angeles Times tjat as President Obama’s ambassador to China he had no relationship with… read full story

GOP campaigns: outsiders vs. insiders

19 June 2011 |permalink | email article

Time magazine’s Joe Klein accurately describes the struggle for the Republican Party’s soul now coming into clearer national focus. There is a jittery sense among Republican savants that Romney is a straw man, Klein writes, ready to be toppled,… read full story

Brown’s veto; Flynt pages Weiner

17 June 2011 |permalink | email article

In his third term as California governor, Jerry Brown has a long history of confounding critics and he did it again Thursday when he vetoed a budget sent to him less than 24 hours before by majority Democrats.

He’s… read full story

FDR demanded action; 44, Congress falter

16 June 2011 |permalink | email article

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, in his 1933 inaugural address, began by saying “this is a day of national consequence . . .  The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. . . . This nation asks for… read full story

Romney pulling ahead; Obama steady

15 June 2011 |permalink | email article

A new NBC/WSJ poll released at 4:21 PM PDT shows Mitt Romney putting some distance between himself and the rest of the Republican field. When tested against nine other candidates he takes 30% of the primary vote.

Sarah… read full story

Huntsman is no Reagan

15 June 2011 |permalink | email article

Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman, a Republican who served as President Obama’s ambassador to China until this spring is running for president and hoping to defeat Obama who he blamed for a failed economy. Last week he made his… read full story

Republicans blast Obama in first debate

14 June 2011 |permalink | email article

A consensus after Monday night’s first Republican presidential debate in New Hampshire was that Mitt Romney easily finished first, with Michelle Bachmann a strong second while Tim Pawlenty, expected to challenge Romney over Romneycare, punted and finishing a weak… read full story

Legend in his own mind

13 June 2011 |permalink | email article

To tell from the polls Newt Gingrich is losing altitude at a rapid pace. But the former Republican House Speaker, despite the fact that 16 of his top staffers resigned last Thursday, continues marching to his own drummer.

read full story

Three Faces of Palin

12 June 2011 |permalink | email article

While still Alaska governor in an e-mail she heaped praised on then-presidential candidate Barack Obama on August 4, 2008 for changing his position about a proposed pipeline to bring natural gas from Alaska to the lower 48 states.

read full story

Jobless Rate, Re-Election: Zero Linkage

10 June 2011 |permalink | email article

Five Thirty Eight, Nate Silver’s Political Calculus, has stated the obvious in his often prescient New York Times column: the higher the unemployment rate heading into November 2012, the less likely President Obama is to win a second term.

read full story

Pawlenty: Big Tax Cuts for Wealthy, Biz

09 June 2011 |permalink | email article

The former Minnesota governor, far behind in polls for the Republican presidential nomination, has opted for tax and spending cuts greater than any of his primary rivals, coupled with two to three times as much in federal spending cuts.… read full story

US Default: August 2 Deadline

08 June 2011 |permalink | email article

Republican lawmakers have suggested a U.S. default would not lead to economic disaster. But a bipartisan group of budget officials warned Tuesday that even a brief lapse in payments could trigger a major crisis. Citing a default scenario and… read full story

Weiner’s Imperfect Confession

07 June 2011 |permalink | email article

The Democratic congressman who represents Brooklyn and Queens finally made a stab at telling the real truth, admitting that he has led a hidden and lascivious online life with at least a half dozen women. But his insistence that… read full story

Mitt and the Six Dwarfs

06 June 2011 |permalink | email article

The second Republican debate in the presidential primary season will offer candidates their first real challenge to debate Mitt Romney, the current front runner, a week from tonight at St. Anselm College in New Hampshire. Romney, whose announcement of… read full story

Romney’s Catch-22

05 June 2011 |permalink | email article

New Yorker staff writer Ryan Lizza, in the June 6 issue, has a must read, suggesting that Mitt Romney’s greatest achievement as Massachusetts governor was signing a law in 2006 requiring every citizen to buy health insurance. Aside from… read full story

PPIC Poll: Mixed Attitudes on Budget Deficit

03 June 2011 |permalink | email article

A significant finding in a new Public Policy Institute of California poll is that voters support Gov. Jerry Brown’s proposal for special election on whether to extend and increase taxes to close the state’s deficit. But likely voters are… read full story

New Census Report: Latino Surge

02 June 2011 |permalink | email article

California’s Latino population grew nearly three times as much as the state as a whole in the last decade, making it home to more than a quarter of the nation’s Latinos, the according to new Census Bureau report. Latinos… read full story

GOP: No White Knight

01 June 2011 |permalink | email article

It appears the Republican establishment will wait in vain for a White Knight to emerge and rescue the party’s presidential prospects. Albert Hunt, the executive editor of Bloomberg News, sees it “on the surface as not an especially formidable… read full story

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