Herman Cain: Competitive for Now

31 October 2011 |permalink | email article

The New Yorker’s John Cassidy has a refreshing take on Herman Cain, suggesting that he may have underestimated him even though his “9-9-9” tax policy will eventually make things very difficult for him. His poll numbers, according to some… read full story

GOP Voters Like 2008: Immigrant Concerns

30 October 2011 |permalink | email article

An analysis of tens of thousands of Gallup tracking-poll interviews concludes that the Republican primary electorate that will choose the party’s 2012 presidential nomination closely resembles the GOP’s voter base in 2008. Gallup trends in the new cycle suggest… read full story

Thomas as Outlier; Mitt a Windsock?

28 October 2011 |permalink | email article

Justice Clarence Thomas, as the New York Times observed, was sworn in to the Supreme Court 20 years ago this week. He remains a legal outlier even on the conservative court. The results he reaches are often radical: Thomas,… read full story

Paul Ryan, Barack Obama, Economic Justice

27 October 2011 |permalink | email article

Paul Ryan, the House Budget Committee chairman, suggested President Obama is “sowing social unrest and class resentment” in his push to raise taxes on the rich to pay for his jobs bill. The president, unlike his first campaign, is… read full story

Why Can’t Romney Close the Deal?

26 October 2011 |permalink | email article

Matt Bai, in his politics and government analysis, wonders why Mitt Romney, the clear winner in most debates, seems stuck at 21 percent in the New York Times/CBS News poll released Tuesday. At this stage in the race when… read full story

Panetta: Pentagon, Next War

25 October 2011 |permalink | email article

As President Obama’s CIA director Leon Panetta oversaw the raid which killed Osama bin Laden last spring. Now, as Defense Secretary Panetta is leading a Pentagon which he warned lawmakers ominously, “was a blind, mindless” one which could “badly… read full story

GOP Quandry: No Jobs Plan

24 October 2011 |permalink | email article

Last week Senate Republicans, aided by three conservative members of the Democratic caucus, blocked a floor vote on a key part of President Obama’s jobs bill which would have provided states $35 billion to hire and retain 400,000 teachers… read full story

Iraq: Goodbye to all that

23 October 2011 |permalink | email article

“So the last American troops are coming home from Iraq. That’s something to celebrate, certainly, if you’re an American. If you’re an Iraqi, perhaps, but perhaps not. We’ll see. After almost nine years, that’s about the best thing you… read full story

After Qaddafi: New U.S. Approach to War?

21 October 2011 |permalink | email article

An unnamed administration official in an article for The New Yorker mocked President Obama for “leading from behind,” an often repeated phrase in terms of Libya. As The New York Times reported only months ago hawks in Congress were… read full story

Obama: Bearing Down on Jobs Creation

20 October 2011 |permalink | email article

In Virginia on Wednesday the President announced a parternership with companies that aims to employ 25,000 veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan and military spouses within two years. He has challenged American companies to hire or train 100,000 veterans by… read full story

Pizza Godfather, Six Dwarfs

19 October 2011 |permalink | email article

Las Vegas was the site of the most contentious and fiery Republican debate so far as frontrunner Mitt Romney, for the first time, was frequently playing defense. The charge and sometimes personal attack was led by a newly aroused… read full story

Ron Paul: Darkness at Noon

18 October 2011 |permalink | email article

The libertarian Republican candidate unveiled his stark economic plan in Las Vegas yesterday. The plan requires a timeout just to get a breath of air. It’s brutal and involves $1 billion in spending cuts, the bulk coming from the… read full story

Sheriff Baca’s Mea Maxima Culpa

17 October 2011 |permalink | email article

When the news broke of a federal investigation into the conduct of several guards , the Los Angeles County sheriff, Lee Baca, reacted angrily, suggesting that the inquiry overstepped its authority. But last week, facing a mounting political firestorm,… read full story

No, Mr. Paulson, Greed is not Good

16 October 2011 |permalink | email article

Buoyed by the Occupy Wall Street movement in Manhattan a wave of protests swept across Asia, the Americas and Europe on Saturday expressing discontent with the economy, with occasional clashes with police. But only a few angry demonstrators would… read full story

Herman Cain’s Plan; Raiders to L.A.?

14 October 2011 |permalink | email article

The Washington Post bannered a Thursday story based on a new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll suggesting that – at least for the moment – a path exists for Herman Cain, the former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, to become the… read full story

Jobs Bill: NFL Franchise Value

13 October 2011 |permalink | email article

Does the decision by the United States Senate kill President Obama’s jobs bill? The GOP-led House refuses to consider his proposal. But a new NBC/WSJ poll out late Wednesday suggests otherwise, finding that both the legislation’s specifics, together with… read full story

Romney Widens the Poll Gap; Rollin Post

12 October 2011 |permalink | email article

Hours before last night’s Republican debate in New Hampshire Mitt Romney scored a major coup by securing the endorsement of Chris Christie who called the GOP frontrunner “the man we need to lead America.” It’s Romney’s latest effort to… read full story

Anti-Tea Party or Call to Action?

11 October 2011 |permalink | email article

The Occupy Wall Street movement in New York’s Zuccotti Park has been gathering strength since Sept.17, sprouting up around the country in major cities with no indication that it will soon fold its tents. Some reactions carry considerable weight,… read full story

GOP Could Win But Lacks A Winner

10 October 2011 |permalink | email article

A Gallup report on Friday found that President Obama’s approval ratings for September remained the lowest of his presidency: 41 percent. That presents an electoral opportunity of historic proportions to put a Republican in the White House. But as… read full story

Suppressing 2012 Vote; Steve Jobs

07 October 2011 |permalink | email article

One emerging aspect of the 2012 general election is a new report showing that five million voters could be disenfranchised with a multi-level attack aimed at a new voter restriction laws across the nation.

This week the Democratic Senatorial… read full story

New Jobs: O44 Has Confidence Edge

06 October 2011 |permalink | email article

While President Obama has not had great success in polls on handling the economy new data from ABC News and the Washington Post shows that if Americans have to choose between him and congressional GOP on creating new jobs,… read full story

Christie Out; Some Thought He Could Beat 044

05 October 2011 |permalink | email article

When push came to shove Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey declined to seek the Republican nomination for president. Opting out he said, “Now is not my time.” Had he decided to run in the 2012 primary Christie would… read full story

Reagan and the Buffett Rule

04 October 2011 |permalink | email article

Progressives, as Talking Points Memo noted, are hoping that if Republicans won’t listen to President Obama, then maybe they’ll listen to President Reagan.

Turns out the Center for American Progress has unearthed video of Reagan making the case in… read full story

GOP Race: Undecideds Search For Mr. Right

03 October 2011 |permalink | email article

While political strategists and activists have been in a rush all year to shape up the contest for the Republican presidential nomination it is voters who will clarify the race. As Washington Post columnist Dan Balz writes voters have… read full story

U.S. Born Awlaki: Joined Enemy And Killed

01 October 2011 |permalink | email article

Frank Newport, editor-in-chief of the Gallup Poll, released his new findings on national security on Friday which suggested that the Republican Party is better able to protect the country from international terrorism and military threats than the Democrats by… read full story

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