New Year

31 December 2011 |permalink | email article

“And now let us believe in the long year that is given to us, new untouched, full of things that have never been.”—The poet Rainer Maria Rilke (d. 1926), inviting us in 2012 to new and unimaginable possibilities to… read full story

Iowa Calculus: Romney’s to Lose

29 December 2011 |permalink | email article

Nate Silver, who writes the Five Thirty Eight column in the New York Times, showed this headline earlier in the week: How Can Romney Lose? He suggested that in the span of just two weeks Romney has gone from… read full story

Two Faces of Newt

28 December 2011 |permalink | email article

If you’re a Republican you may often find it difficult to distinguish between the good Newt Gingrich and his bizarre evil twin. The former House Speaker, Mitt Romney’s major rival for the 2012 GOP nomination, praised the health care… read full story

Lugar Battles the Tea Party

27 December 2011 |permalink | email article

THE veteran senator from Indiana, in a little noticed appearance on CNN’s State of the Union on Sunday, had an important message for Republicans on Christmas: Don’t let the Tea Partiers—like the one challenging Dick Lugar in his primary—cost… read full story

Newt’s Arrogance Again on Display

26 December 2011 |permalink | email article

ONLY a few days ago Gingrich declared confidently that he would get his name on the ballot for the Republican presidential primary in Virginia. He said he already had the necessary 10,000 signatures and perhaps 3,000 more for safety’s… read full story

Ron Paul and the GOP Crackup

23 December 2011 |permalink | email article

RON PAUL is near the top in the Iowa caucuses’ race but it’s been a tough week. All his conservative rivals are in an attack mode, and now the conservative press has joined the pile on. The Conservative Standard… read full story

WSJ: GOP a ‘circular firing squad’

22 December 2011 |permalink | email article

WINTER’S arrival on Wednesday is a bad omen for a weak field of Republicans struggling to win the party’s presidential nomination and beat President Obama next November. But a larger issue looms as 2011 ends. Congressional Republicans, dominated by… read full story

Hillary 2012 Robocalls; 2016 Likely

21 December 2011 |permalink | email article

THE Huffington Post’s Sam Stein got a copy of an audio by some Hillary Clinton 2008 supporters, the dream is apparently still alive—an anonymous group making robocalls advocating for a Hillary presidential run next year. The calls are reportedly… read full story

Obama Gains; Health Care Case

20 December 2011 |permalink | email article

New Washington Post/ABC News poll indicatesafter a difficult summer and a contentious fall President Obama’s jobs-approval ratings are showing signs of improvement although not in terms of his handling of the economy and jobs. The best news is that… read full story

Gingrich Goes Over the Top

19 December 2011 |permalink | email article

Continuing his crusade against activist judges Sunday on CBS’ “Face the Nation” with Bob Schieffer the former House Speaker said as president he would consider sending the Capitol Police or a U.S. Marshall to subpoena any federal judge who… read full story

Des Moines Register Backs Romney

18 December 2011 |permalink | email article

The Des Moines Register, in really no surprise, endorsed Mitt Romney for president Saturday night , citing his “sobriety, wisdom and judgment,”  as outweighing his tendency to “pick his way through the political minefields.” The endorsement of Romney increases… read full story

Karl Rove: No More Debates

16 December 2011 |permalink | email article

George W. Bush’s brain, and aware that Donald Trump’s debate effort was a flop, couldn’t resist arguing before Thursday night’s last Republican presidential debate in Iowa before the vote against having even more of them. While it’s true that… read full story

A Warning About ‘Zany’ Gingrich

15 December 2011 |permalink | email article

Mitt Romney is finally coming in from the cold. He’s shed his year-long reluctance against doing interviews. He told the New York Times Wednesday in a suite of the Regency Hotel on Park Avenue that Republicans should be wary… read full story

Newt, the Courts and Doomsday

14 December 2011 |permalink | email article

Gingrich, who believes he’s already won the Republican presidential nomination, is in full battle dress. Now, as a recent New York Times opinion piece suggested, he’s taking the “activist judges” phrase –jurists who rule in ways that the right… read full story

Can Demographic Shifts Save Obama?

13 December 2011 |permalink | email article

The 2008 election is a reminder that such shifts are changing America and potentially the political balance in the country. The most diverse electorate in the nation’s history, as the Washington Post’s Dan Balz wrote, pushed President Obama to… read full story

Mitt’s 10-K Wager Backfires

12 December 2011 |permalink | email article

LAST WEEK’S New York Times/CBS News Poll of Iowa caucusgoers offered an interesting backdrop to the Saturday night debate when Mitt Romney offered a $10,000 bet to Gov. Rick Perry of Texas. Perry was smart to decline the wager,… read full story

GOP Dark Horse: None of the Above

11 December 2011 |permalink | email article

Nate Silver’s Political Calculus in the New York Times last week speculated “that there is a small but nontrivial chance that the Republican presidential nominee could be someone like Jeb Bush, Paul Ryan, Mitch Daniels, Tim Pawlenty or Chris… read full story

GOP House Vulnerable

10 December 2011 |permalink | email article

THE latest Democracy Corps survey [December 9] of the Republican House battleground shows the incumbents out of touch with their districts, a climate less favorable to Republicans, weakening support and vulnerability to attack. Republicans have lost half of their… read full story

Weak GOP Field: Brokered Convention?

09 December 2011 |permalink | email article

SATURDAY night’s ABC News-Yahoo! News-Des Moines Register-WOI-Iowa Republican Party debate at Drake University in Des Moines promises to outdo the 11 prior televised forums for one reason: Newt Gingrich surges ahead in the polls and hopes to solidify his… read full story

Obama’s Bull Moose Moment

08 December 2011 |permalink | email article

Theodore Roosevelt’s Aug. 31, 1910 speech in Osawatomie, Kansas may turn out to be a decisive turning point in how each party approaches the 2012 presidential campaign. Here are two compelling TR excerpts: “At every stage, and under all… read full story

Obama’s Own ‘Square Deal’

07 December 2011 |permalink | email article

President Obama on Tuesday delivered a populist speech about fairness and the role of government in the industrial world, making clear that Americans face “a make or break moment for the middle class.” Speaking in Osawatomie, Kan.—where Republican Theodore… read full story

Trump Debate Draws GOP Fire

06 December 2011 |permalink | email article

Republican strategists were up in arms Monday about the circus prospect of a presidential debate on Dec. 27 just days before the Iowa caucuses hosted by reality TV star Donald Trump. Newt Gingrich, surging in the Iowa polls, made… read full story

Newt and Mitt: A Donnybrook Ahead

05 December 2011 |permalink | email article

If Mitt Romney is, as the New York Times Magazine this week describes him as all-business man, the world’s most boring superhero, Newt Gingrich is his polar opposite who has risen from the dead. He’s ahead in Iowa—but with… read full story

Jon Huntsman: Newest Conservative Rage?

04 December 2011 |permalink | email article

THE former Utah governor and President Obama’s ambassador to China, is running for president. But until now he’s been perceived as too liberal but conservatives are beginning to believe that he’s really one of them. Well, he kicked off… read full story

Cal 2012: Sound Tax Initiative

02 December 2011 |permalink | email article

FOR 33 years, ever since the late Howard Jarvis led the passage of Proposition 13 which slashed property taxes in California and made this state the leading edge of the tax cut movement that spread across the country. In… read full story

Gingrich: Sells Ideas, Pushes Clients

01 December 2011 |permalink | email article

THE former House Speaker portrays himself as an outsider, as the New York Times reported Wednesday, who will transform the ways of Washington, is not a registered lobbyist, has never taken a position for money and that corporations have… read full story

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