Mitt’s Narrow Win; Race Still Unsettled

29 February 2012 |permalink | email article

ROMNEY, running for president since 2008, scored an unimpressive victory over Rick Santorum Tuesday in Michigan—a scare in his native state aided by Santorum’s reckless and inflammatory comments in days before the campaign. But, as veteran Democratic consultant Bob… read full story

Rick. Barack, Hillary and Religious Freedom

28 February 2012 |permalink | email article

ONE day before the crucial Romney-Santorum showdown in Michigan the former Pennsylvania U.S. Senator could not stop talking about the separation of church and state. Talking to a local chamber of commerce in Livonia, in a hall next to… read full story

Extreme Rick Plays Paranoia Card

27 February 2012 |permalink | email article

RICK Santorum, whose name, as columnist Maureen Dowd aptly noted, comes from the same Latin root as sanctimonious, went on Glenn Beck’s Web-based radio show last week and came up with two of the most irrational statements ever uttered… read full story

Does Bill Maher Get It? “Car Guy” Mitt

26 February 2012 |permalink | email article

JOHN Heilemann, co-author of “Game Change,” a brilliant best-seller about the 2008 presidential campaign, with a film version set to open within a week, writes in New York magazine that if either Romney or Santorum gains the Republican nomination… read full story

Gender Gap: Rick Alienating Women?

24 February 2012 |permalink | email article

Rick Santorum’s strident rhetoric has blown wide open, producing a gender gap with a woman which has surfaced in recent polls before next week’s primaries. In Arizona, women are supporting Mitt Romney by nearly 2 to 1. It’s the… read full story

Romney Wins, Santorum Stumbles

23 February 2012 |permalink | email article

THE final Republican presidential debate before Super Tuesday in early March—and hopefully the last—was another nasty brawl chiefly focusing on the battle between Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum, with the former Massachusetts governor the clear winner whereas Santorum was… read full story

Will Santorum Denounce Graham Smear?

22 February 2012 |permalink | email article

FANNED by some the conversation goes on as Lent begins today about whether Obama is a Muslim. On Tuesday the Rev. Franklin Graham, son of the famous preacher Billy Graham, said he believes that President is a Christian, but… read full story

Road to Tampa: Fear and Loathing

21 February 2012 |permalink | email article

Ed Gillespie, a former Republican National Committee Chairman, said Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that “there may be more demand than there is a supply in terms of the candidates, but that’s the nature of the process.” With… read full story

Baca’s Fumble; Rick’s Twisted Theology

20 February 2012 |permalink | email article

LOS ANGELES County Sheriff Lee Baca’s admission that he broke state law in making a political endorsement while in uniform to promote the candidacy of L.A. City Atty. Carmen Trutanich raises a serious question about credibility. His argument that… read full story

Bishops: End California Death Penalty

19 February 2012 |permalink | email article

CALIFORNIA Catholic bishops are backing a “Support Life” measure on the November ballot which would replace the death penalty for a capitol crime with life imprisonment without the possibility of parole prison and to use some of the related… read full story

Debates, Goodbye To All That

17 February 2012 |permalink | email article

MITT Romney’s campaign, feeling the heat, said in an email Thursday it had no plans to participate in the March 1 debate in Atlanta, sponsored by CNN and the Georgia Republican Party—news first reported by CBS/National Journal. The excuse… read full story

Parsing Bob Dole’s 1996 Problem

16 February 2012 |permalink | email article

AMID the rise in President Obama’s job approval rating of over 50% something else is happening: his Republican foes are heading in opposite directions with their positioning being subsumed as the intraparty fight has intensified. Mitt Romney remains the… read full story

Economy Lifts O44; GOP Field’s Anxiety

15 February 2012 |permalink | email article

IS President Obama just lucky, or is a better economy and Republican disquiet over candidates seeking to replace him, driving the election narrative? Three years ago, he stated without equivocation that his chances of a second term would depend… read full story

GOP Caves: Extend Payroll Tax Cuts

14 February 2012 |permalink | email article

House Republican leaders, facing newly emboldened Democratic negotiators, have offered to extend the payroll tax holiday through the end of the year without paying for it. Blaming the president and Senate Democratic leaders for not allowing their conferees to… read full story

New Calif. 30th: Dems Berman-Sherman Battle

13 February 2012 |permalink | email article

THE RACE between two veteran L.A County Democratic congressmen, Rep. Howard Berman and Rep. Brad Sherman, both forced into the new 30th congressional district because of redistricting, is a donnybrook. John Myers, Sacramento bureau chief & political reporter for… read full story

Beat Obama Tops Nominee Fight

12 February 2012 |permalink | email article

Sarah Palin, addressing the CPAC convention on Saturday, has again made no secret of her interest in a brokered convention next summer in Tampa. “That’s part of the competition, part of the process and it may happen.” She likes… read full story

CPAC: Can Tea Partiers, GOP Elders Bond?

10 February 2012 |permalink | email article

DAY ONE of the annual Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington began with the conservative moment divided between tea party activists and old-line Republicans, and a split between the four remaining president candidates. Also-rans Michelle Bachmann (R-Minn,) Texas Gov.… read full story

Tough Editorial: O44 Flip-Flops

09 February 2012 |permalink | email article

DELIVERING his State of the Union address two years ago, President Obama stared down the Supreme Court justices and told them they were wrong to have allowed special interests to spend without limits on campaigns. .”I don’t think elections… read full story

Has Bush’s Brain Lost His MoJo?

08 February 2012 |permalink | email article

Was the Super Bowl ad featuring Clint Eastwood, “It’s Halftime in America,” a Chrysler ad or an Obama re-election ad? New York Times columnist Charles M. Blow asked the right question. The spot as he noted seemed to tout… read full story

Poll Edge 044; Rich Dissects Romney

07 February 2012 |permalink | email article

The President holds a clear lead over Mitt Romney in a hypothetical general match-up, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll. This is the first time that Obama has more than 50 percent of the votes in a… read full story

Rick: Dissent On Key Moral Issues

06 February 2012 |permalink | email article

Santorum, the two-term former Pennsylvania Senator, says he’s not quitting the race for the Republican presidential nomination any time soon. A Catholic, he constructs his image around an altar boy youth, with his coal miner father and big family… read full story

Recovery: Mitt’s 3 Incredible Contradictions

04 February 2012 |permalink | email article

FOR President Obama it was a grand “Super Friday” when the Labor Department announced that the unemployment rate fell to 8.3 percent in January. It further provides that the economy, as Alan Krueger, chairman of the Council of Economic… read full story

Tea Party: Is Mitt a Real Conservative?

03 February 2012 |permalink | email article

HOW perfect was it that Donald Trump’s endorsement of Mitt Romney, whom he has teased and mocked for months, came on Groundhog Day. Punxsutawney Phil turned up in the little Pennsylvania town to watch the furry little rodent see… read full story

Gingich: Winning One From the Gipper?

02 February 2012 |permalink | email article

The Reagan Revolution and Newt Gingrich’s supposed identification with it remains one of the must interesting tales in the race for the Republican presidential nomination. In a recent debate Gingrich suggested that he worked with the president in the… read full story

Mitt vs. Newt: Fight for Grassroots

01 February 2012 |permalink | email article

Florida’s primary four years ago was decisive for John McCain, but Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee fought on. When the polls closed Tuesday night, Romney was below 50%. While impressive he was unlikely to wind up with an outright… read full story

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