Why ‘Better Off’ Will Not Save Romney

30 September 2012 |permalink | email article

That phrase going into the debates is back in the news. As he accepted the Republican presidential nomination Mitt Romney predictably said “This president cannot tell us that you are better off today than when he took office.”  Romney… read full story

Mitt’s Tangled Mess on Health Care

29 September 2012 |permalink | email article

Romney’s love-hate relationship with Romneycare seems to be accelerating. This week he again began touting the health care reform law he enacted as governor of Massachusetts, saying it illustrates “his empathy and care about people of this country.”While running… read full story

Transaction Man

28 September 2012 |permalink | email article

The New Yorker, in its Oct. 1 issue, has a compelling 11-page article on Mitt Romney by Nicholas Lemann, dean of the Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia. The piece has sections devoted to Church, Business, Politics and The… read full story

Ohio and Florida Dim Mitt’s Chances

27 September 2012 |permalink | email article

President Obama holds a 77.7 percent chance of winning the Electoral College as of Monday, according to Nate Silver’s Political Calculus in The New York Times, receiving a number of strong-looking state polls. Most noteworthy of those was a… read full story

Mitt Confidence: Swing State Problems

26 September 2012 |permalink | email article

Romney told CBS News’s “60 Minutes” that he is tied with Obama; he has a “very effective campaign; it’s doing a very good job; and that all he needs to do to win is keep repeating his plan to… read full story

Obama’s Second Term: Democrats’ Reagan?

25 September 2012 |permalink | email article

With his first term behind him, Obama is poised to be as significant a president as Reagan—tackling the deficit, spearheading immigration reform, and jolting the GOP back to sanity. As Andrew Sullivan writes in Newsweek, one thing has been… read full story

Clinton Attacks Romney’s 47 Percent Claim

24 September 2012 |permalink | email article

Bill Clinton, appearing on two Sunday shows, addressed the controversy surrounding Mitt Romneys newly unearthed remarks that 47 percent of Americans who don’t pay federal income taxes as essentially freeloaders. The former president rebutted the charge on CBS’ “Face… read full story

AARP: Obama and Ryan Debate Medicare

22 September 2012 |permalink | email article

President Obama traded charges with Rep. Paul Ryan on Friday in Virginia over the financing of Medicare, as each candidate sought to appeal to older voters by warning them that his opponent would threaten this signature federal health care… read full story

Tax Code Distortion: Debt More Attractive to Banks

21 September 2012 |permalink | email article

Thanks to a leaked video, we now know that Mitt Romney divides the country into those who pay taxes and those who don’t, the makers and the moochers. There is, as ProPublica notes, perhaps one surprising group you can… read full story

Noonan: Mitt Campaign Intervention; Right Appears Split

20 September 2012 |permalink | email article

Columnist Peggy Noonan, the most gifted conservative writer of her generation, denounced Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign in a blistering blog post on Tuesday. Noonan, who has been increasingly agitated over the GOP candidate’s missteps—notably saying she thought he “looks… read full story

A Nation of Moochers? Romney Doesn’t Get It

19 September 2012 |permalink | email article

Romney’s comments at a private fundraiser have created alarms among a number of Republican strategists, some of whom believe it could be a knockout blow for the nominee’s struggling campaign. Mark McKinnon, who served as top strategist for to… read full story

Fed Steps In: Romney Outrage

18 September 2012 |permalink | email article

When Ben Bernanke, the Federal Reserve chairman, announced last week a change in his institution’s recession-fighting strategies in response to critics who said the Fed can and should do more, Republicans went wild. As Paul Krugman noted in his… read full story

Is Romney Campaign Beginning To Implode?

17 September 2012 |permalink | email article

Mitt Romney described half of Americans as “dependent upon government” during a private reception with donors earlier this year and said those voters will likely support President Obama because they believe they are entitled to health care, to food,… read full story

Medicare: Ryan Voucher Plan In Trouble

17 September 2012 |permalink | email article

Once upon a time successful Republican House candidates believed that they had found a way to challenge the future of Medicare with Obama’s unpopular health insurance overhaul and accusing Democrats of cutting Medicare to pay for it. At first,… read full story

Romney’s Stumble On Iran

16 September 2012 |permalink | email article

Mitt Romney is determined to stop Iran from obtaining a nuclear “capacity”—the combination of nuclear fuel, the technology of fashion it into a weapon and a delivery device—that would enable it to build a weapon in a matter of… read full story

Romney: No clues on Foreign Policy

14 September 2012 |permalink | email article

Mitt Romney brushed aside criticism of his brisk critique of the Obama administration’s response to a controversial Web video and the protests it seemed to spawn. Some Republicans thought it might have rushed too soon when he called the… read full story

The Problem with Mitt: Conservatives Despair

13 September 2012 |permalink | email article

ROMNEY put his presidential campaign on the line Wednesday morning after the deaths of four American diplomats including the U.S. ambassador to Libya. On Tuesday night he accused President Obama’s handling of the Libya and Egypt attacks “disgraceful.” And… read full story

Debating Obama: Does Conventional Wisdom Matter?

12 September 2012 |permalink | email article

Conservative Peggy Noonan, The Wall Street Journal’s respected and lyrical columnist, has gone far out on a limb to size up the presidential debates between President Obama and Mitt Romney, arguing “advantage Romney” to those who anticipate the incumbent’s… read full story

Will Romney Pivot and Go Bold?

11 September 2012 |permalink | email article

Are the wheels coming off Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign? The old formula that failed Bob Dole and John McCain isn’t working in 2012. The question now is whether Mitt will change course long before the first debate on October… read full story

Woodward Book, Insiders and Other Journalists

10 September 2012 |permalink | email article

Michiko Kakutani’s review of Bob Woodward’s new book, “The Price of Politics,” in The New York Times, details “the struggle between President Obama and the United States Congress to manage federal spending and tax policy for the three and… read full story

Obama’s Victory Path Clearer, Mitt Advisers Admit

09 September 2012 |permalink | email article

David Gregory’s unusual interview for Meet the Press with Mitt Romney, both on his campaign bus and high-rise compound in Boston, did almost nothing to assuage concerns that he’s in serious trouble. You could see it clearly in the… read full story

Obama Convention Bounce: Can Romney Rebound?

08 September 2012 |permalink | email article

Three national tracking polls, including Ipsos, published Friday all moved toward President Obama, reflecting momentum from the Democratic convention in Charlotte. Gallup showed Obama moving into a three-point lead over Romney, up from one point on Thursday. Most of… read full story

Obama, Unlike Romney, Hits Grand Slam

07 September 2012 |permalink | email article

President Barack Obama delivered a powerful and optimistic speech Thursday night that succeeded all expectations, including the “Made in America” phrase which drew roaring applause and generated a record 52,000 tweets within minutes. To the Mitt Romney camp it… read full story

Clinton: Let Obama Finish The Job; Target Undecided

06 September 2012 |permalink | email article

Former President Bill Clinton rallied the Democratic base and delivered a spirited defense of President Obama’s handling of the nation’s struggling economy in Charlotte on Wednesday night as he criticized the economic agenda of Republican nominee Mitt Romney and… read full story

Dems: Fiery Rebuttal To Romney

05 September 2012 |permalink | email article

For Democrats their opening night pitch in Charlotte offered two simple messages to Americans:”Mitt Romney doesn’t get it, and Barack Obama does.” It was a thundering response to last week’s Republican convention in Tampa. A score of Democratic officials… read full story

Castro: Rising Latino Star; Clinton Bombshell?

04 September 2012 |permalink | email article

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, 59, the ambitious and driven Latino chairman of the Democratic National Convention this week in Charlotte, N.C., will deliver a six-minute address to thousands of delegates on Thursday. But it is Mayor Julian Castro… read full story

Romney’s Big Speech ‘Gamble’

03 September 2012 |permalink | email article

The Wall Street Journal editorial page appears less than thrilled with Mitt Romney’s convention speech, sighting a lack of specifics, a critique it shared to some degree. Politico noted that while the speech hit all the essential points, the… read full story

Electoral College: Is Ohio The Key?

02 September 2012 |permalink | email article

Nate Silver’s Political Calculus, in The New York Times, suggests that none of the surveys that came out on Wednesday were noteworthy to begin with. But there was one, in Ohio, that had encouraging news for Barack Obama, and… read full story

Romney’s Extreme Foreign Policy

01 September 2012 |permalink | email article

The Speech Mitt Romney delivered on the closing night of the Republican convention in Tampa signaled a bold attempt to refine the race around his business background with an appeal to voters disillusioned by President Obama. But his pointed… read full story

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