“Yes You Can” and “Yes You Must”

31 January 2013 |permalink | email article

Thomas L. Friedman, perhaps the most prescient writer about the annals of American politics today, wrote in the New York Times on Wednesday that he hopes in his second term President Obama will be able to devote more attention… read full story

Hillary: Leaving The Door Open

30 January 2013 |permalink | email article

The Washington Post reported Tuesday that Hillary Rodham Clinton said she is “not inclined” to run for president in 2016 but left the door open for what is widely considered her likely return to politics after she steps down… read full story

Why 44 Picked Hagel

29 January 2013 |permalink | email article

In the first months of the Obama presidency in 2009, Chuck Hagel, who had just finished two terms as a U.S. senator, visited the White House to visit the friend he had made during the four years they overlapped… read full story

Nieman Journalism Lab

28 January 2013 |permalink | email article

With The Tribune now out of bankruptcy the question is whether the newspapers will now be sold as a group or separately? Combining print/digital operations, though, as the Sun-Times could do in Chicago or several buyers could do in… read full story

Hillary In 2016?

25 January 2013 |permalink | email article

Steve Kornacki writes about politics for Salon, and his piece about Hillary Clinton’s hours of testimony before both Senate and House committees about how she masterfully handled it. One wonders, after four years as Secretary of State, just the… read full story

Congressional Battle Over Gun Rights Nears

24 January 2013 |permalink | email article

Wayne LaPierre, the executive director of the National Rifle Association, accused President Obama on Tuesday of demonizing law-abiding gun owners and suggesting that he wants to put “every private personal firearms transaction under the thumb of the federal government.”… read full story

Harsh Criticism From Far Right

23 January 2013 |permalink | email article

Americans for a Strong Defense, a group devoted to crushing former Nebraska Sen. Chuck Hagel’s nomination as the next Secretary of Defense, has announced multi-state television advertising. The ad notes the nuclear ambitions of Iran and North Korea, as… read full story

Climate Change: 44’s Second-Term Priority

22 January 2013 |permalink | email article

President Obama made addressing climate change the most prominent policy vow of his second inaugural address on Monday, setting in motion what Democrats say will be a deliberately paced but aggressive campaign built around the use of his executive… read full story

One Helluva Time

21 January 2013 |permalink | email article

Four years ago, on the eve of Barack Obama’s inauguration, The New York Times Magazine devoted nearly an entire issue to a photo essay, “Obama’s People”. The photographs, 52 of them, depicted a team arriving on a wave of… read full story

Biden’s Political Capital

18 January 2013 |permalink | email article

IN an interview The New York Times Magazine published Wednesday, Vice President Joe Biden reflected on his feelings about the vice pr4esidency when he presided over the troop withdrawal in Iraq. It’s not a particularly great job, but I… read full story

Guns, Kids And The NRA

17 January 2013 |permalink | email article

The National Rifle Association has launched a pre-emptive strike, personal attack on President Obama, calling him an “elitist hypocrite” who, the group claims, is putting American children at risk, ABC’ Devin Dwyer noticed in a 35-second video posted on… read full story

Schumer Moves Toward Hagel Nomination

16 January 2013 |permalink | email article

Robert B.Reich, Secretary of Labor in the Clinton administration and now Professor of Public Policy at UC Berkeley, has weighed in on the battle between the neocons vs. Chuck Hagel. It is the Republican neocons who brought us the… read full story

Rebutting The ‘Deadbeat Nation’ Slur

15 January 2013 |permalink | email article

WHEN President Obama said at the last news conference yesterday in his first term was “we are not a deadbeat nation” it caught a lot of people’s ears. Many may not know that he was referring to freshman Republican… read full story

The Rage of ‘Patriot’ Groups

14 January 2013 |permalink | email article

A Collection of far-right conservative groups have declared Jan. 19, during the week-end celebration of President Obama’s inauguration and Martin Luther King’s birthday, as Gun Appreciation Day. The event chairman, Larry Ward, sounded the battle cry: “The Obama administration… read full story

Climate Change Is Real

12 January 2013 |permalink | email article

Economist Joseph Stiglitz recently opined that he believes climate change is the most important issue facing the U.S, economy today. The Huffington Post cited several facts which prove Stiglitz is right about the subject. By 2020 it is projected… read full story

Obama Takes On NRA

11 January 2013 |permalink | email article

Vice President Biden said on Thursday he sees an emerging consensus around “universal background checks” for all gun owners and a ban on high-capacity ammunition magazines as he completes the Obama administration’s broad study of ways to curb the… read full story

Chuck Hagel, Under Attack Again

10 January 2013 |permalink | email article

Chuck Hagel, a Republican former senator from Nebraska whom President Obama has nominated for secretary of defense, faces another battle—as a maverick who was once a foot soldier in the conservative Congressional ranks. Myra MacPherson, a journalist, is the… read full story

Remembering Richard Ben Cramer

09 January 2013 |permalink | email article

The Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter was the author of “What It Takes,” a stirring account of the 1988 presidential campaign that has been widely hailed as among the finest books about American politics, died Monday night in Baltimore. He was… read full story

Obama Picks Hagel, Divisive Choice, For Defense

08 January 2013 |permalink | email article

JOHN McCAIN’s stunning hypocrisy in view of President Obama’s nomination of former Republican Chuck Hagel as the next secretary of defense suggests anew that decency is a dying art in American politics. No example is clearer than McCain’s past… read full story

White House Plan: Defeat NRA With Quick Victory

07 January 2013 |permalink | email article

The White House and gun control supporters are gearing up for a whirlwind month, with plans to pass reform legislation before the Sandy Hook massacre has a chance to fade. Talking Points Memo reported that Vice President Joe Biden… read full story

Ryan’s Take Defending Fiscal Cliff Vote

04 January 2013 |permalink | email article

THE Wisconsin Republican joined a minority of his fellow House Republicans this week in voting for the fiscal cliff deal that allowed tax rates to rise on the op one percent of taxpayers. For the next two days he… read full story

Boehner vs. Reid, and More

04 January 2013 |permalink | email article

HOUSE Speaker John Boehner’s four-letter-word blast at Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is the latest nasty back-and-forth between warring Washington pols and confirms the decline of Capitol Hill civility. Both men are constitutional officers of the United States so… read full story

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