Huge “Super PAC”” Moving To Back Clinton

24 January 2014 |permalink | email article

The Obama political operation that once buried Hillary Clinton’s White House ambitions is now converging around her possible 2016 presidential bid, conferring on Clinton enormous early advantages in money, expertise and voter targeting techniques. On Thursday, Priorities USA Action,… read full story

Upbeat Brown Looks Ahead

23 January 2014 |permalink | email article

When Gov. Jerry Brown stepped up on Wednesday to deliver his 11th State of the State speech - a record for California, the governor momentarily put aside his prepared remarks to offer a more casual greeting. I used to… read full story

Another Romney Campaingn?

19 January 2014 |permalink | email article

It’s hard to imagine, as Maureen Dowd reminds, anything more painful than going through the presidential campaign all over again with Mitt Romney. Unless it’s going through two presidential campaigns with Mitt Romney. But , yes, that’s the narrative… read full story

Investigation into New Jersey Bridge Scandal

18 January 2014 |permalink | email article

Gov. Chris Christie has apologized ad nauseam for his subordinates’ failings, but he hasn’t adequately addressed the ultimate question addressed to President Richard M. Nixon President after the Watergate break-in: “What did he know and when did he know… read full story

Was Benghazi Attack Preventable?

16 January 2014 |permalink | email article

A stinging report by the Senate Intelligence Committee released Wednesday concluded that the attack 16 months ago that killed four Americans in Benghazi, Libya could have been prevented, singling out the State Department for criticism for its failure to… read full story

Enimies of the Poor

13 January 2014 |permalink | email article

Sudden, it’s O.K., even mandatory, for politicians with national ambitions talk about helping the poor. This is easy for Democrats, who can go back to the party of FDR and L.B.J. It’s much more difficult for Republicans having a… read full story

Maureen Dowd on Politics

12 January 2014 |permalink | email article

After being showered with spin, you say to your self, maybe that first impression was wrong. But often it isn’t. Barack Obama is too much in his head. Cris Christie can be a bully. His two-hour ““I am not… read full story

After Chris Christy’s Performance

10 January 2014 |permalink | email article

The governor has to admit that he set the tone of vindictiveness, if he is to regain any credibility

read full story

What Happened to Transparency?

08 January 2014 |permalink | email article

When Presidency Obama took office in 2009, he promised a “rare level of openness in government. The day after his inauguration, he wrote. “The government should not keep information confidential merely because public officials might be embarrassed by disclosure,… read full story

David Brooks and Gail Collins

05 January 2014 |permalink | email article

Gail: I don’t know of any politician who likes wrestling with the mundane and limited more than Hillary Clinton. If she’s won the presidency in 2008, I don’t think she’d ever have forced the health care act into law.… read full story

Tactic to keep Republican rank-and-file riled up

04 January 2014 |permalink | email article

New York Times columnist Charles M. Blow believes something else is also at play here, something more cynical. I believe this is a natural result of a long-running ploy by Republican party leaders to play on the most base… read full story

Boehner Said to Back Change on Immigration

02 January 2014 |permalink | email article

The Speaker’s ‘Step by Step” moves suggest a new commitment on a divisive issue for Republicans which signal that he may embrace a series of limited changes in nation’s immigration laws in the coming months, giving advocates for change… read full story

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