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    Mission Statement

    Aristotle's Politics (Book 1, Chapter 1) is clear that "man is a political animal in a greater measure than any bee or any gregarious animal. For nature does nothing without purpose, and man alone of the animals possesses speech."

    The blogosphere watches as a divided America reexamines its soul. After 35 years as a journalist I have broken a long silence to comment again on critical moral and political issues that impact the U.S. body politic. Reflections on, an independent, non-profit blog, are posted frequently, not daily. I hope global readers, accepting Aristotle's definition of a political animal, will find this quick scan both provocative and mindful.

    About Joe Scott

    A graduate of the University of Notre Dame, Joe Scott spent many years as a columnist for the Herald-Examiner (1978-1989), and later the Los Angeles Times and other California dailies.He was the critically-acclaimed editor and publisher of the Political Animal and California Eye, newsletters (1973-1992). He worked as a political consultant and ran several successful political campaigns in California. Joe Scott is a third-generation Angeleno. He is working on a novel about public corruption in Los Angeles during the late 1930's.

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