Biden’s Political Capital

18 January 2013 |permalink | email article

IN an interview The New York Times Magazine published Wednesday, Vice President Joe Biden reflected on his feelings about the vice pr4esidency when he presided over the troop withdrawal in Iraq. It’s not a particularly great job, but I called him and said, “All I’ve said about this job, I take back,” Biden said.  He may have been bet up on the campaign trail for his slips and blunders, but the vice president has shown a willingness to lend his political capital for a job that at times is not publicly rewarding.

Obama and Jefferson

Jon Meacham has some advice for President Obama: Take a lesson from your long since deceased predecessor Thomas Jefferson. Meacham, author of “Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power,” told ABC’s Jonathan Karl that “one of the keys to Jefferson’s success was that he built personal relationships with senators and members of Congress. He says Obama has not been particularly good at this.” 

GOP’s Way Out

Republicans need to accept the inevitable: Either agree to a lean debt ceiling hike, or accept the need to compromise, agree to a deal with revenues that can pass the House with Dems, and attach a debt ceiling hike to that. The easiest way out of this hostage crisis is for Republicans to release the hostage.—Greg Sargent, The Washington Post



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