Boehner, Pressed 0n The Right, Yields

18 September 2013 |permalink | email article

The Speaker, after three years of cajoling, finessing and occasionally strong-arming his fitful conservative majority, Boehner waved the white flag on Wednesday, surrendering to demands from his right flank that he tie money to keep the government open after Sept.30 to stripping President Obama’s health care law of any financing. He knows the plan he unveiled cannot pass the Senate, and that it may prove unwise politically and economically.With conservative forces uniting against him, he ultimately saw no alternative but to capitulate—and few good options to stop a government shutdown in two weeks. On Wednesday the Speaker announced his choice. “The law’s a train wreck,” he said. “It’s time to protect American families.” He added, “The key to any leadership job is to listen,“Boehner said. Meanwhile, the uninsured will be enrolled beginning Oct.1.



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