Cheney on Deep Doo-Doo

12 April 2013 |permalink | email article

Howard Kurtz, in The Daily Beast, discusses Dick Cheney’s assessment of how to deal with Kim Jong-un’s saber rattling. Thus is a man who was determined to go after Saddam Hussein, who wanted to stand up to Iran, who pushed domestic surveillance, who championed such a bellicose foreign policy that George W.Bush had to rein him in during his second term. So it was not surprising, therefore, that Cheney in his briefing with Republican leaders in Washington this week counseled a very aggressive stand toward the young North Korean leader who is striking a warlike pose toward the United States. The former vice president’s assessment was indeed concise. “We’re in deep doo-doo.”

George Bush’s father was the first public figure associated with the phrase, so Kurtz thinks it’s nice to see it’s still getting traction decades later.” But since the briefing was behind closed doors. we don’t know what else Cheney might have said beyond beside the fact that the United States has little intel on the situation in the secretive communist country, and so you never know what they’re thinking.” A recent Showtime documentary, The World According to Dick Cheney, helped revive his Darth Vader image. And while he has continued to criticize Barack Obama—recently accusing him of assembling a “dismal” national-security record and a “second-rate” team—the president’s reelection has quieted that debate for now. Love him or hate him, the man, who has major health problems, speaks his mind, even when he ends up in the deep stuff himself.



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