GOP Governors Distance Themselves From DC

25 November 2013 |permalink | email article

An ambitious group of powerful state governors, led by Cris Christie of New Jersey and Bobby Jindal of Louisiana used the Republican Governors Association annual conference in Arizona last week to both criticise the strategy of their party’s leaders in DC and boost why state governors were more natural pragmatists. Christie said his view has always been that when a Republican deserves criticism, he or she gets it. “If they deserve praise, they get it, too.” but they get it honestly and directly.”  The faces of the 30 chief executives running red states had a common theme: “Republican governors are driving American’s comeback.” The challenge posed by ambitious by ambitious governors as varied as Rick Perry in Texas and Scott Walker in Wisconsin have not gone unnoticed in Congress where Republican senators Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Marc Rubio been left tarnished in opinion polls by their clashes with Democrats over the government shutdown and Obama’s heath care reform. Christie, the new RGA chairman, revealed fewer policies than in his gubernatorial race as he began what be a long, tough campaign to win the Republican presidential nomination.



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