GOP pundits to Palin: where’s the beef?

14 July 2009 |permalink | email article

Her short-notice resignation as Alaska governor is easier to understand in the wake of a New York Times story detailing her meltdown after returning home from the presidential campaign as a now questionable future prospect for a party fast losing altitude.

In January she told the Legislature her vow was to retake the office with “optimism and collaboration and hard work to get the job done.” But in late March, an official from the Republican Governors Association went the Alaska on a secret mission.

An intervention was deemed necessary by some powerful supporters to pull her governorship, and her national future, back from the brink. Like much of the advice, it appeared to be happily received and then largely discarded. But Times’ interviews in Alaska and Washington “show that a seemingly relentless string of professional and personal troubles quickly put that goal out of reach.”

Palin, moving fast in an effort to reinvent herself, attacks President Obama in a Washington Post op-ed today suggesting that his energy plan represents an “enormous threat” ’to the American economy.  She notes high unemployment, a growing national debt and the federal government’s reach into the private sector. The national media is flayed for focusing on personality-driven political gossip rather than the gravity of these challenges.

Palin is scheduled to appear at a Republican Women’s Federated 50th anniversary gala at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library Aug. 8 in Southern California’s Simi Valley. Conservative radio talk-show host John Ziegler is master of ceremonies. No media allowed

While Palin is a heroine to the conservative grass-roots base leading Republican strategists, as the Los Angeles Times reported, are openly calling her a polarizing figure, incoherent, and a “political train wreck.”

Stuart K. Spencer, a GOP consultant for over 40 years who played a key role in the rise of Ronald Reagan from California governor to the White House, said “I can’t tell you one thing she brought to the ticket,” speaking of John McCain’s pick

Former White House strategist Karl Rove said, “It’s not clear what’s she’s doing and why. She is putting herself on a national stage that she may not be quite ready to operate on.”





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