GOP Weighs Clout Of Right Wing

07 November 2013 |permalink | email article

Party leaders are grappling with the vexing divisions over its identity and image, and mainstream leaders complain that more ideologically-driven conservatives are damaging the party with tactics like the government shutdown. The debate intensified on Wednesday after Kenneth T. Cuccinelli II, lost a close race, the deeply conservative Republican candidate for governor of Virginia, lost a close race in which Democrats highlighted his opposition to abortion and comments in which he seemed to liken immigration policy to pest control. Mitt Romney said Republicans should consider that states holding open primaries be rewarded with more delegates to the party’s national convention. “The convention method is political arsenic, pure and simple,” said Mike Murphy, a veteran Republican strategist. “It incentives our candidates to appeal to the base voters they already get for free, not the swing voters they need.”



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