Hagel Confirmation

04 February 2013 |permalink | email article

Amy Davidson, writing in The New Yorker, asked Sen. Joe Manchin (D. West Virginia) to describe how Chuck Hagel ended up in Vietnam after joining the infantry in 1967. He was assigned to a select and secret team that was trained to use shoulder-fired-hear-seeking missiles and was about to be sent to Germany. “And so I just decided, if I was going to be in the military, it didn’t make sense to go to Germany “ Hagel said. So he asked to be sent to Vietnam. Sunday on ‘Meet the Press’ conservative New York Times columnist David Brooks made the bizarre suggestion that, despite his support for Israel and a consensus that he had not done well in the Congressional hearings, Hagel should have a sit down on the subject with President Obama. That won’t happen and, despite vicious grilling by John McCain and Lindsay Graham, there are enough Democrats, including a handful of rational Republicans, to confirm Hagel as secretary of defense. The Marine Corps Times, in a piece, described how Hagel would be the first enlisted man to serve in the position.


Moderate Republican columnist Peggy Noonan in the Wall Street Journal on freshman Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas: Mr. Cruz was, alas, less impressive this week on the subject of Chuck Hagel, whom he charged with a lack of sympathy for the military. Really? Hagel was sympathetic enough to volunteer for Vietnam, where he won two Purple hearts.  Does Cruz have a comparable record. Then maybe some due respect is in order. My take is Cruz may be a carbon-copy of the late Sen. Joseph McCarthy who in 1954 conducted which suggested that the Army was protecting alleged communists.

“Mr. Koch is survived by New York itself.—New York Times who was a three-term mayor. 

“The city needed hope, it needed a champion, it needed a voice. Ed Koch became that voice.—Mitchell Moss, a professor of urban policy at New York University.



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