House GOP Resists Senate Plan For Immigraton Overhaul

11 July 2013 |permalink | email article

House Republicans met just hours after former President George W. Bush added his voice to the immigration debate during a naturalization ceremony at his new presidential center outside Dallas.“The laws governing the immigration system aren’t working.We’re now in an important debate in reforming those laws, and that’s good.” The GOP came down overwhelmingly against a comprehensive overhaul of the nation’s immigration laws, putting in jeopardy the future of of sweeping legislation that includes a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.

But weak Speaker John A. Boehner warned about the steep price of inaction, telling House Republicans they would be in a weaker political position against a bipartisan Senate and President Obama if they did nothing to answer to the immigration measure passed by the Senate last month. The bottom line was quite clear: The Republican-controlled House does not plan to take up anything resembling the Senate bill, which many believe is bad policy and smacks of an amnesty strongly opposed by the conservatives who hold sway over much of the rank and file. Bush 43 needs to reengage.



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