John Boehner Finds His Grove

12 December 2013 |permalink | email article

The House Speaker ‘s rare public rebuke of conservative groups who oppose a pending bipartisan deal marks his clearest signal yet that GOP leadership has had enough of tea party-driven intransigence. They’re using our members and they’‘re using the American people for their own goals,” Boehner said, his voice rising with anger during a press conference at the Capitol yesterday. ““This is ridiculous. Listen, if you are for more deficit deduction, you are for this agreement. From Boehner, it was a rare and pointed public dressing-down of the Club of Growth, Heritage Action, the Koch Brothers and other conservative groups that have urged Republicans to oppose the budget deal. In response to Boehner’s comments, Club of Growth President Chris Chocola said his group will stand with lawmakers who oppose the deal. “We stand with Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Tom Coburn, Rand Paul, members of the Republican Study Committee and every other fiscal conservative who opposes the Ryan-Murray deal,” Chocola said in a statement.



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