Obama to Republicans: Get Real

02 October 2013 |permalink | email article

The President showed defiance and admonished House Republicans on Tuesday to quit fighting his three-year-old health care law and “to reopen the the government.” It was a show of defiance that reflected Democrats’ confidence that conservatives have overreached after after years of budget battles with the White House. In a meeting in the Oval Office late yesterday afternoon which lasted ninety minutes nothing was was accomplished and House Speaker John A. Boehner left the meeting and with House Republicans tried without success tried to ease the effects of the shutdown and force Democrats into negotiation. The Republicans proposed three bills—but because they introduced the measures under a fast-track procedural rule that required a two-thirds vote , each of them failed.

Republicans were considering bringing up the bills again under a difference rule that would require only a simple majority, but they have no chance of moving it forward. “By refusing to let the House vote on only one bill that would reopen the government, Speaker Boehner is single-handedly keeping the government shut down,” said Senator Harry Reid, the majority leader. House leaders also vow to oppose an increase in the debt ceiling unless Obama delays the health care law. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz has emerged as the shadow leader of House Republicans, and it remains to seen if Boehner can survive as the GOP house leader.



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