Palin: in from the cold?

26 July 2009 |permalink | email article

Perhaps the most enduring paragraph in Todd S. Purdum’s recent Vanity Fair cover story on what turned out to be the “quitter” governor was this: “The first thing [John] McCain could have learned about Palin is what it means that she is from Alaska. More than 30 years ago, John McPhee wrote,”Alaska is a foreign country significantly populated with Americans. Its languages extend to English. Its nature is its own. Nothing seems so unexpected as the boxes marked ‘U.S. Mail.’ That description still fits.“

At a farewell Friday picnic in the governor’s home town of Wasilla, a devoted supporter sang a song and concluded by shouting “Sarah Palin for president!” To which a teenage boy replied just as loudly,”Obama!”

Palin may believe she’s the closest thing politically to True North. In fact, almost all of America is much further south.





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