Rubio’s First Big Test

12 February 2013 |permalink | email article

DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Shultz told reporters in a Monday conference call that Republicans—Marco Rubio specifically, and the majority of both Senate and House Republicans—that we should turn Medicare into a voucher program—that Medicare is not a program that’s worth preserving as the safety net it’s been more that 40 years. It was a pre-buttal to Rubio, who will deliver the official response to President Obama’s address, what the very differences that the President and Democrats have …and the voting records of Senator Rubio.

As The Hill noted Rubio has been everywhere in the past few weeks, leads in the 2016 GOP field, and the conventional wisdom is that he’s a lock to run for president. He’s become the bipartisan Senate proposal’s chief spokesman for his party’s conservative base, a risky position to take. Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is almost certain in run, his growing family is an issue, and he is not wealthy. While Rubio has led in early polls for 2016, he is not a lock for the nomination and more a babe in toy land in a face off with Hillary Clinton who beats him 49-41 in Democratic polls, even in such red states as Texas and Kentucky. My take: Rubio is too young and inexperienced to run now. At least he’s no longer promoting the myth that his parents fled to the U.S. to escape Fidel Castro.



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