Ryan’s Take Defending Fiscal Cliff Vote

04 January 2013 |permalink | email article

THE Wisconsin Republican joined a minority of his fellow House Republicans this week in voting for the fiscal cliff deal that allowed tax rates to rise on the op one percent of taxpayers. For the next two days he took to the conservative talk radio circuit in order to defend that vote.

Ryan said, “We had been hit with a $4.4 trillion dollar tax increase yesterday, and I had the opportunity to knock it down by $3.8 trillion dollars,” Ryan told radio host Hugh Hewitt Wednesday. Since the tax rates had already reverted back to the Clinton-era levels for everyone once the vote took place January 1, he argued he was actually voting to cut taxes.

In addition to allowing the tax rates to rise on income over 400,000 for individuals ($450,000 for households, many conservatives, including the 154 Representative representatives who did not back the bill, also took issue with the deal because it lacked serious spending cuts and entitlement measures.

But Ryan pushed back hard against this line of criticism as well. With the tax to bed, Ryan said. “How do we get the most out of spending cuts and reforms during this debate?

Ryan also took the opportunity to knock fellow Republicans who, he explained, on Wisconsin radio host Charlie Sykes’ radio show on Thursday wanted the bill to pass “but not with my vote.”

Ryan may have learned something important from the loss of Wisconsin in the 2012 presidential campaign, and even his home town. “If you think something needs to pass, then, have the guts to vote for it, and face the music, endure the criticism you will inevitably get. 



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