All Palin, all the time

13 July 2009 |permalink | email article

However you slice it Sarah Palin still dominates the 2010 political news cycle. Take, for example, Maureen Dowd’s NYT spoof of an unflattering exchange of tweets between the quitting Alaska governor and John McCain, the 2008 GOP nominee who put an even more reckless maverick on the ticket. 

On NBC’s Meet the Press, McCain said he was surprised but not “shocked” by her resignation, adding that the decision was consistent with his definition of leadership to resign from office mid-term.

A surprised David Gregory wondered whether it was consistent with his qualities of leadership to resign an elected post like this. “Sure,” the smarmy McCain replied, again saying “I cannot tell you the appreciation I have for her.” But he declined to endorse her for president in 2012.

But the headline in Frank Rich’s NYT opinion piece said everything: She Broke the G.O.P and Now She Owns It

“Those Republicans who have not drunk the Palin Kool-Aid are apocalyptic for good reason,” he writes, suggesting that she could well be their last presidential candidate standing. Mark Sanford, John Ensign and Newt Gingrich are too carnally compromised, and Mitt Romney is precisely the kind of card-carrying elitist Palinists loath.

Should Palin secure the nomination, the result would be a fiasco for the G.O.P. akin to Goldwater 1964, relentless conservative critic David Frum has predicted, and with some reason.

As for Palin, she told the Washington Times on Sunday that her son did not vote for the party she represented on the national ticket last fall. “People are so tired of this partisan stuff – even my son is not a Republican.”

A key question for Palin: will vulnerable Republicans facing reelection in 2010 want her help?


“The one thing I will be looking forward to is fewer summit meetings.  President Obama, getting the urgent message that the economy and health care remain his top priorities.



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