Tactic to keep Republican rank-and-file riled up

04 January 2014 |permalink | email article

New York Times columnist Charles M. Blow believes something else is also at play here, something more cynical. I believe this is a natural result of a long-running ploy by Republican party leaders to play on the most base convictions of conservative voters in order to solidify their support. Convince people that they are fighting a religious war for religious free, a war in which passion passion and devotion are one’s weapons against doubts an you make loyal soldiers. Pew defines “staunch conservatives” as those “who take extremely conservatives positions on nearly all issues.” Pew found that most staunch conservatives were regular views of Fox News, preferring the network to any other news source. The face of the network’s defense-of-Christmas crusade has been “the Killing Jesus” co-author Bill O’ Reilly, who declared victory this season. In December he said on his show: “It isn’t a mystical war on Christmas. It’ real and we just won. Really?



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