Fiasco Guy

03 May 2007 |permalink | email article

George W. Bush continues to update us as he redefines himself.

After being re-elected president in 2004, Bush boasted he had “political capital” and intended to spend it. He proved it by spending billions to fund the war in Iraq he started without an exit strategy.

Last year he proclaimed “I’m the great decider,” when asked whether he would fire Donald Rumsfeld as defense secretary.

Yesterday, in explaining why he vetoed an Iraq spending that called for a deadline for removing troops from Iraq, he tweaked the monikor.

“The question is, ‘Who ought to make the decision, the Congress or the commanders?, Bush said.

Defying logic, he added, “As you know, my position is clear – I’m the commander guy.”

As The New York Times’s Sheryl Gay Stolberg quipped after Bush vowed to use his veto power again, would that make him “veto man?”

Before 2007 ends, a solid majority of Americans may begin referring to him as “fiasco guy.”



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