The Republican Surrender

17 October 2013 |permalink | email article

“We fought the good fight. We just didn’t win,” Speaker John Boehner said. The New York Times Editorial Board noted that he failed to grasp the destruction his battle caused. The result: It has hurt federal employees and needy people dependent on government programs, and it threatened to alter Washington’s balance permanently by giving a fringe group outside power over the executive branch and the normal functions of government. While not perfect, the outcome vindicates the strong stance taken by President Obama and Senate Democrats against the Republicans’ extortionate demands. When the president was first confronted with the Republican refusal to raise the dept ceiling he blinked and agreed to a budget control law that severely slashed domestic spending and will continue to do so for years though the sequester. This time Obama refused the most outrageous demands. The Republicans pushed the nation to the brink of default, and pulled back at the last minute when it was clear the White House would not capitulate. Many in the party remain defiant, opposing this week’s deal and vowing to keep waging their crusade.Those refusing to submit to blackmail in Washington need to remain vigilant. Brinkmanship is far from over.



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