Times Reaffirms Garcetti Primary Endorsement

29 April 2013 |permalink | email article

While he lacks executive experience the newspaper’s editorial board has concluded that Eric Garcetti is more likely than Wendy Grueul to rise to the occasion and lead Los Angeles into a successful future. Did Greuel really propose an irresponsible police hiring binge that the city cannot afford? Was Garcetti, as council president, any more responsible than was Greuel, as city controller. for the rising unemployment rate in Los Angeles during the mortgage rate and recession? Is Greuel a political climber who covered up her Republican past to be viable in an overwhelmingly Democratic town, and Garcetti a trust fund baby who has latched on to liberal causes for their cachet?

Grueul disappointed as city controller, earning a grade of “meets expectations.” But she didn’t earn a promotion. Garcetti, as Council president, had a different role, but he did a better job with it. He demonstrated his capacity to grow, and improve his performance. Neither candidate has the executive experience one would like to see in a mayoral candidate. Greuel’s response, tellingly, is to cite her role helping to manage a small family construction business and to assert, and perhaps believe, that it is sufficient. But, despite big name endorsements from Bill Clinton, Magic Johnson, big name Democratic women pols, and even flip-flop former Republican mayor Richard Riordan, Greuel falls short.



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